Wolfenstein: The New Order A New Home Map #1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 5 Collectibles Locations

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 5, named A New Home, starts once you and your friends escape from the Eisenwald Prison.

The mission takes place inside the resistance headquarters which is hidden in plain sight in the middle of Berlin. It is a short chapter that gives players a break from shooting enemies and sets the story for the next mission.

Even if there are only a few collectibles in Chapter 5 you can have a hard time in finding them considering they are not revealed on the map, especially the Gold piece that is hidden very well.

However, the next Wolfenstein: The New Order collectibles guide teaches you how to find all of them.

Chapter 5 Mission Details

“Eisenwald is behind us now. I can still see the smoke billowing out of the chimneys on the horizon.

We’ve been taken to the entrance of the Kreisau resistance headquarters. It’s located right in the middle of the Nazi central, inside a huge concrete monument. I hope they’re building up an army in there.

We’re gonna need it.”

Gold: 1

Maps: 1

Health Upgrade: 1

Record: 1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 5 Collectibles Guide


The Map of the hideout is on a box inside Caroline’s room, but the door is locked.

To open the door you need to find the folder if you know where it is (get the crowbar from the second floor and use it inside Max’s room to find it) or just speak to Klaus to trigger a cinematic.

Gold (Gold Urn)

Next to the map is a pin-up poster. Interact with it to move it and reveal a hidden area. Follow the path in the secret area and eventually you should see a vent hole on the left side.

Get through it to find the Gold collectible (it is actually in your room, but this is the only way you can reach it).

Health Upgrade

While you are in your room simply sleep in your bed and the Health Upgrade will be on the night table next to you when you wake up.


To find the Record collectible in Chapter 5 get inside the room that is neighbor with your room.

Wolfenstein: The New Order A New Home Map #1
A New Home Map

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