Wolfenstein: The New Order London Nautica Map #2

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 6 Collectibles Locations

Chapter 6 in Wolfenstein: The New Order starts once you depart for the London Nautica research facility to search for “Project Whisper”.

The team devises a plan to steal the prototype helicopter aircraft that is silent in flight and undetectable by radar, because it will give them an edge in fighting the Nazis and destroying Deathshead for good.

The following Wolfenstein: The New Order collectibles guide features the locations of all collectibles in Chapter 6.

If you have any problem in finding the collectibles you can check the maps below for further information.

Chapter 6 Mission Details

“Been a long ride. Berlin to London with the surliest Englishman I’ve ever met. He has his reasons, I suppose. Well, we’re at the target.

The London Nautica is a top Nazi research facility. Caroline says they’re developing a new type of silent helicopter here, undetectable by radar.

The job: het inside, reach the hangar on the top floors, and steal the aircraft.”

Enigma Codes: 8

Gold: 4

Maps: 1

Health Upgrade: 1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 6 Collectibles Guide

Gold #1 (Gold Statue Plate)

After the explosion go around the statue that falls next to you, on the left side, and look at the base of the statue. The first Gold piece is standing on the base next to the right leg.

Enigma Code #1 (Piece 2:4)

Go around the base of the statue and walk until you reach the wall. Turn left and head through the rubble to find the Enigma Code collectible next to a dead soldier.

Enigma Code #2 (Piece 2:5)

Right before the entrance to the facility you are attacked by a robot that was trapped in the rubble.

After he throws you turn around, jump over the rubble and get behind the pieces of concrete on your left to find the Enigma Code (look for a pack of ammo and a grenade).

Enigma Code #3 (Piece 2:6)

After you defeat the robot and you enter the next area you are attacked by many enemies.

Head inside the office to your left to find the third Enigma Code in Chapter 6 on the desk chair.

Health Upgrade

Inside the office with the previous collectible is a safe. Short circuit it to open it and reveal the Health Upgrade.

Gold #2 (Gold Carafe)

In the main area there are glass displays on the right side wall (exit the office after you get the Health Upgrade). The one in the middle has the second Gold piece.

If you can’t collect it break the glass.

Gold #3 (Gold Knife)

The third Gold collectible is in the ventilation shafts. Go upstairs from the previous Gold piece and head right, past the tables and inside the kitchen storage room.

From here you can use a hatch to access the vents. The collectible is at the end of the vents.

Enigma Code #4 (Piece 2:7)

In the next room there is a large room surrounded by statues. Use the stairs to go all the way to the top inside the control room that’s above the moon.

The Enigma Code piece is on one of the computers in the room.


After the sequence with the elevators you drop down in a lab. Look on the wall to your left to spot the Map of the second part of London Nautica.

Enigma Code #5 (Piece 2:8)

While standing in the middle of the lab go around the lab table that’s on the right side to find the fifth Enigma Code in Chapter 6.

Gold #4 (Gold Pocket Flask)

After you get the new laser weapon, the LKW, you need to use it to cut a metal cover. Get inside and climb the ladder, but do not proceed to the elevator.

Instead, turn around and cut another metal cover so you can access the ventilation shaft. Follow the vents until you find the Gold piece.

Enigma Code #6 (Piece 7:1)

When you reach the hangar get rid of the enemies and then go underneath the helicopter landing zone that’s on the south-west side of the map.

The Enigma Code is on one of the metal crates.

Enigma Code #7 (Piece 2:9)

Head inside the southernmost room in the hangar and check behind the servers to find the documents with the seventh Enigma Code.

In the same room you can acquire the Full Automatic upgrade for the LKW.

Enigma Code #8 (Piece 7:2)

The final Enigma Code piece is in the room with the switch that opens the hangar doors, on the table in the center.

To get in the room you have to go past the large robot you defeated, climb the ladder, and then go inside the vent shaft (cut the metal cover).

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