Spec Ops: The Line Intel Collectibles Guide

Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 15 Intel Collectibles Locations

The final Spec Ops: The Line chapter is Chapter 15, called Welcome. In this chapter we won’t encounter any enemies, but we must find two Intel items.

If we manage to locate both of them, assuming that we have found all collectibles in the previous chapters; we will unlock the corresponding achievement/trophy.

It is important to know that both items are related to Konrad, and both of them can be found in his tower.

Additionally, Spec Ops: The Line players can watch three different endings, after they collect the Intel items during this mission, and after they talk to the Colonel.

The endings depend on the actions performed during the final Spec Ops chapter, and they will unlock three additional achievements/trophies. To get these awards, at the end of the chapter, we execute the following actions:

First, we kill Walker (suicide), and then, after the credits, we reload the game. We replay the chapter, and we kill the Colonel. During the Epilogue, we kill one of the soldiers, and the rest will become hostile, killing us.

We reload the game for the third time, and we kill the Colonel again. During the Epilogue, we surrender, and get a different Spec Ops: The Line ending.

Chapter 15 Description

“The Colonel is waiting.”

Number of collectibles: 2

First Intel Collectible

The first collectable in the final chapter of the game, can be found after we take the elevator up, to meet Konrad.

We make sure we don’t follow the stairs, until we check the left side of the second floor.

On a table, behind a white couch is a glowing photograph. This specific item is in fact Konrad’s Letter and it contains a Message to Jeremy, Konrad’s son.

We grab the letter, but we don’t follow the stairs to the left, to meet Konrad. Instead, we follow the other set of stairs which also allow us to reach the third floor.

Second Intel Collectible

In this area, we should see a bed with white sheets.

Next to the bed, is a desk, and on it, the final intelligence item in Spec Ops: The Line (Konrad Letter –Poem for Elizabeth).

We can identify it without any problems since it is a dark area and the item is glowing.

We grab it, and then we are free to meet Konrad.

Spec Ops: The Line Intel Collectibles Guide
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