The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 1 Pick-Ups Guide

Oscorp Is Your Friend is the first chapter in The Amazing Spider-Man. Chapter 1 includes 2 indoor collectables that can be found, and through the following guide we reveal their exact locations.

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 1 is an introductory mission, and we have the chance to learn the game’s controls, and Parker’s abilities featured in the game.

We remember that in order to get a completion rate of 100%, we have to find both indoor pick-ups, which in this specific chapter are two audio evidences.

If we fail to find them, we can replay Chapter 1, after we get access to Peter’s apartment.

Chapter 1 Description

„It’s been months since “rogue” scientist Curt Connors unleashed the Lizard upon the upstanding citizens of New York City.

Completely absolved of any wrongdoing in the eyes of the public, Oscorp has moved on to promoting the acts of its new brilliant mind, Alistaire Smythe.”

Pick-Ups Guide

Number of Indoor Collectables/Pick-Ups: 2

Magazines: 0

Oscorp Manuals: 0

Tech Pieces: 0

Photos: 0

Audio Evidence: 2

First Audio Evidence

After we take control over Spider-Man, in the first chapter, we have to escort Gwen to safety.

In one room the tutorial will explain how to jump. We cross that room, and continue to advance.

In the next room, we will see a large glass and behind it several scientists attacked by mutants. If we take a closer look on the window, we can see that it is Lab 62, and to the left, is a corridor we must follow.

On the ground, to the left, is the first audio evidence in the game, which is also the first Amazing Spider-Man collectible/indoor pick-up.

Second Audio Evidence

As we try to escape Oscorp Tower, along with Gwen, we are asked to avoid two security systems, and then return to her.

After we escape the first one, we continue to advance and using Spider-Man’s Web-Shoot we stop two large fans, then we come across a new security system.

In the first room behind the one covered by lasers, to the right, we will see a desk and near it, a red barrel containing toxic substances. On the desk is the second audio evidence in Chapter 1; and the second collectible in The Amazing Spider-Man.

We pick it up and continue through the lab, knowing that we have found all pick-ups in the first chapter of Amazing Spider-Man . Chapter 2 also includes a series of collectibles.

The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide
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