The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 2 Collectibles Guide

In The Amazing Spider-Man, Chapter 2 includes 10 collectibles, or indoor pick-ups, and through the following guide we reveal their locations, along instructions that can help players who wish to find them faster.

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 02: Escape Impossible! , continues the events of the previous chapter, but the action takes place in Beloit Psychiatric Hospital, where Spider-Man enters to save Connors.

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 2 collectibles are 8 magazines and 2 audio evidences. To find all of them in a single playthrough, we must respect the same order as the one below.

Chapter 2 Description

„With cross-species loose in the city, and no cure to help the infected scientists, Spider-Man has no other choice but to team up with an old friend…or enemy? This is gonna get weird…”

Collectibles Guide

Number of Indoor Collectables/Pick-Ups: 10

Magazines: 8

Oscorp Manuals: 0

Tech Pieces: 0

Photos: 0

Audio Evidence: 2

First Magazine

In Chapter 2, the first collectible can be found after we leave the starting area.

We cross the ventilation system and land in a round room with multiple cells.

We go left, jump on a small balcony, and enter another room. As we enter a new room, on the ground we can see the first magazine.

We pick it up then open the gates using the console in the next chamber.

Second Magazine

After we defeat the inmates in the round room, Connors will open a door for us, and we will be able to advance.

Next to the exit door, is the angry guard that appeared when we broke the console, releasing the prisoners.

We go around the guard and check the room behind it. In a corner, we can see another collectible: the second magazine. We follow the next corridor, and then the stairs, to we enter a new area, where two additional collectibles can be found.

First Audio Evidence

We take out the inmates armed with knives, and then we go back on the balcony to find a new pick-up.

It is located on the right side, while facing the room below us.

We grab it, and then jump down, to find the next Amazing Spider-Man pick-up. 

Third Magazine

In the same room where we have defeated the guards armed with knives, but on the ground floor, near a vending machine, placed in the corner of the room, next to our exit point, is the third magazine.

After we collect it, we continue through the gates.

Fourth Magazine

We find the next collectible in this chapter, in the room under the ventilation system.

As we advance towards our objective, we have to move from one ventilation tunnel to another.

We make sure that we check the floor of the room between them.

Second Audio Evidence

As we advance towards the storage room, we come across some inmates acting like chickens.

In this area, we can see a library, and under it a wheelchair.

On the chair is the second audio evidence in The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 2.

Fifth Magazine

The fifth magazine can be found while crossing the burning corridor.

It is between two piles of furniture.

Sixth Magazine

After we clear the storage room, we check the left side, and we can see on the ground another magazine.

It is located near some brown lockers, next to the wall with a yellow graffiti.

The next collectible is also in the storage room.

Seventh Magazine

In the storage room, after we pick up the previous collectible, we check the opposite corner.

On the ground, next to the exit point is the seventh magazine and collectable in Chapter 2.

Eighth Magazine

As we rush towards the courtyard to protect Connors, we follow some stairs (notice the furniture burning), and eventually we will see an armed guard wearing an orange suit. We don’t attack the guard, yet.

Instead we follow the corridor to the right and climb the wall to avoid the flames.

At the end of the corridor, on the ground, we can see the final collectible in The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 2. It is the eighth magazine and the last indoor pick-up. Chapter 3 starts as soon as we complete all objectives.

The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide
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