WoW Tokens And How They Work

World of Warcraft Tokens | How To Unlock Buy And Trade Them For Blizzard Bonuses

Trading World of Warcraft Tokens, or WoW Tokens is a new method to get multiple bonuses for Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone, Blizzard recently announced.

As a big World of Warcraft fan, I will explain how this works and what you have to do if you wish to unlock new characters in Heroes of the Storm, get more loot boxes in Overwatch, or card packs in Hearthstone.

Before moving forward though, keep in mind that you need to be an active World of Warcraft player, and you also need to spend quite some time playing Blizzard’s MMORPG.

WoW Tokens And How They Work

The World of Warcraft Tokens have been introduced by Blizzard for quite some time now. The company uses them to stop those who illegally sell gold for real money.

Basically, it is a legit method to get more gold in World of Warcraft. These Tokens can be used in different ways.

First, you can buy Tokens from the World of Warcraft in-game store using real money, or the gold you have acquired in the game.

Depending on how you buy the Token, you can exchange it for balance, game time or gold.

In other words, if you need more gold in World of Warcraft, you spend real money to buy a Token, then use the auction house to sell this valuable item.

Alternatively, if you need game time, you buy a Token using your WoW gold or real money, then exchange it to extend your game time.

But what happens if you have too much gold and you want to spend it on something else?

WoW Tokens And How They Work
Source: World of Warcraft

Trading WoW Tokens for Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone Bonuses

For this scenario, we will assume that you spend a lot of time playing World of Warcraft and you have amassed large amounts of gold.

As of this week, Blizzard allows you to buy Tokens and exchange them for balance.

Your balance can be used to buy a large number of in-game bonuses for Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. You can see these items here.

So, if you are a Blizzard fan and you play other titles, your hard work in World of Warcraft will start to pay-off.

All you have to do is to buy a Token with your in-game gold, then exchange it for balance. Next, use the said balance to buy items for other Blizzard games.

World of Warcraft Token Price

If you want to buy a WoW Token using real money, you need to spend $20, €20, or £15 depending on your region. On the other hand, if you already have a Token and wish to cash-out you will receive $15, €12.99, or £9.99 GBP.

Things get messy if you decide to buy a Token using the gold you have in World of Warcraft, because the prices are set by the market and the auction houses.

If you check the WoW Token Info website, you can notice that as of today, a Token sells for 117,491 gold on European realms and 72,224 gold on North American realms.

World of Warcraft Token Price

So, start saving some gold and check the market before buying one. Obviously you should buy a Token when the price is low.

The Beauty of World of Warcraft Tokens

There is no doubt that the World of Warcraft Tokens are quite valuable. The new options introduced by Blizzard will make many inactive WoW fans return to the game.

What’s even more beautiful is that if you are an inactive player and have enough gold on one of your characters, you can immediately activate your account using the gold you have kept.

Last but not least, if you dedicate enough time in World of Warcraft, you can basically pay your game time using Tokens. This means that you will play World of Warcraft for free without limitations.

If you need additional information on how the WoW Tokens work, here is a helpful video from Blizzard.

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