Top 5 Addictive Games for Game Lovers

Games are equally worthy kids and adults. They love to experience different games, and their enthusiasm is responsible for giving them a competitive edge. As you keep on increasing the levels, you start gaining more confidence and interest in the game. Some of the games are highly addictive, that players do not want to spare any second without playing the game. It is the review of the games that let you decide about which game to consider for playing.

Are you curious about the most interested and addicted games? If yes, then congratulations! You are in a tight place. So, let us have a rapid glance at the most fascinating and brilliantly addicted games.


Piano Tiles:

The highly addictive fun game that teaches you how to develop attention and concentration! Even blinking of the eye can lead to losing the level. Although the game is highly simple and delays to play, yet it is difficult to cross levels. Why? Well, it is because you have to keep processing the black title, and as you skip a black tile or press the white one, then you lose the level. As the game progresses, the speed of the game goes on increasing, and it becomes hard to control the game.


Subway Surfers:

This is a marvelous game that contains an amazing user-interface. It is known to be an all-rounder due to the best sound, best graphics, and best gaming experience. Game players from all over the globe love to download it on their devices from the Google play store. It multiplies the fun and thrill with its fabulously amazing and interesting levels. Above all, the awesome feature is that it works offline as well. It is not necessary to have to WiFi connection in order to play it.


Temple Run 2:

Do you want to enjoy the endless gaming experience? If yes, then download Temple Run 2 on your gadgets. Here, the game player has to strive hard in order to save his life from the monster. Hence, he is responsible for keeping himself safe from all the obstacles while running. Players have to be glued to the game in order to cross the level as little loss of attention would lead to level failure.

Play it while you are on your vacation or in streets where there is no WiFi. It is because you do not require a WiFi connection to play it.


Redhead Redemption:

Are you a real survivor? Well, you can figure out this while paling Redhead Redemption. Here, you have to save yourself from the zombies which are running just behind you. So, this is all about keeping yourself safe by shooting them and running from them. It does not demand a WiFi connection for playing. This simple and easy to play the game is suitable for killing time and makes you addicted to it.

Keep on gathering more and more coins in order to utilize these in the wisest manner. It also depicts the distance from your destination, so you keep motivated and keep on running.


Clash of Clans:

You can invite your friends to the Clash of Clans and enjoy playing with them. This addictive game comprises easy controls, and the fabulous feature associated with it is that the game developer updates the game on a monthly basis. Hence, you do not need to worry much about the gaming experience. With every update, more thrills and excitement are added to the game.

Here, the gamer has to make some strategies in order to win. He should be defensive as well against the attacks and also aim to attack the enemy at the same time. Depict your fighter spirit to the enemies and develop your clan.


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