What Not To Vendor While Leveling in Classic WoW

Blizzard Entertainment recently gave every PC gamer the opportunity to take a nostalgia-fueled trip back in time with Classic WoW. In this retro version, World of Warcraft, which is the latest release following 2018’s Battle for Azeroth, there are a number of game items you shouldn’t vendor while power leveling and grinding for WoW Classic Gold. Newcomers to WoW should keep this in mind to make the most of their inventory.

In this guide, there will be a number of WoW Classic items that you should take into consideration while leveling. You will have come across a number of dungeon guides, class guides, profession guides and more since the release of Classic WoW. This, however, is more of a leveling guide of sorts and it will revolve around WoW Classic Gold leveling, so get your World of Warcraft gold at the ready!

Wicked Claw

The first item you should avoid vendoring in WoW Classic is Wicked Claw, which drops off of beasts in high level zones. These are a very common item in vanilla WoW, and are used to gain the Lionheart Helm and Wolfshead Helm. These helms are considered to be two of the most renowned helms in World of Warcraft, so remember to farm your Wicked Claws so you can get your hands on them!

Large Fang

Next up is Large Fang, which is only worth 75 copper, and you’ll discover that they are very common, so not garnering much when it comes to cheap WoW Classic Gold. However, they can be used to make the barbaric sets and rage potions which can be very useful in both PvE and PvP, and are particularly useful when playing as the Warrior, so it might be worth checking out a class overview at some point.


For those of you who have just gotten their hands on their WoW classic accounts, you may have come across small eggs, which may seem worthless at first. They are pretty common, and drop off of birds in the game’s starting zones.

However, they will provide a way of obtaining cheap WoW Classic Gold when the upcoming Christmas event drops. Here, you will be able to create a number of recipes using the eggs, which can be sold for a hefty profit, and therefore is a great way of getting yourself some vanilla WoW Gold. Also, on the subject of eggs, Giant Eggs are very handy. Selling for 50 Silver each, equating to one Gold, these can be used in a recipe known as Clamlette Surprise, which is something that should be considered for WoW classic leveling when it comes to your cooking level, especially if you are looking to max it out.


Speaking of recipes, the Small Flame Sac can be used to make the effective Dragonbreath Chili. Perhaps more importantly, it creates the Fire Protection Potion, as well as the Flame Deflector, which absorbs a high amount of fire damage. This will help you with your WoW Classic leveling, and can also be used for farming and selling.


Moving on, there are a couple of feathers in the game which you should avoid vendoring, first of which is Vibrant Plume. These are feathers which are found from drops off creatures in higher level zones. Though seemingly worthless on the surface, they can be used in the Darkmoon Faire event in the future to gain a high reputation. Meanwhile, the Long Elegant Feather, which drops off of Griffins, can be used for the popular Admiral’s Hat cosmetic item, which is selling for high amounts on certain servers.

Magic Dust & Spider silk

A couple of other useful items to keep handy are Magic Dust and Spider Silk. The former is a pretty rare item, though it can be found in Dust Devils over in Westfall. These can be used to create a castable CC, which can be useful in both PvE and PvP ways of playing. Meanwhile, the latter is perhaps more common to an extent, as it comes in a number of different tiers depending on their level. So a cheap WoW trick, for example, would be to use the Ironweb Spider Silk, which can be used for several cosmetic items throughout World of Warcraft.

Fused Wiring

If the direction you are looking for lies with engineering mechanics, then be sure to keep hold of Fused Wiring, which is a drop from a number of mobs in the game. This can be used for items such as Goblin Jumper Cables, Lil’ Smoky, and the Alarm-O-Bot. Finally, keep elementals in mind, particularly the Fire elemental as it can be used to create the Greater Fire Protection Potion, which is pivotal to progression for certain class builds.

Remember the old saying that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” as it is certainly a relevant one to keep in mind when buying WoW. Some are very useful when collecting Classic WoW Gold, and others can be extremely important to leveling when in the vast World of WarCraft.

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