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inFamous: Second Son D.U.P. Mobile Command Units Guide

The inFamous: Second Son D.U.P. Mobile Command Units, play an important role in the PlayStation 4 exclusive video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions, because they allow Delsin Rowe to take over all 13 Districts of Seattle.

A Mobile Command or a D.U.P. Mobile Command Unit is a heavily guarded APC or a stronghold, that must be destroyed to reveal all side-missions and Blast Shards within a district.

Furthermore, when Delsin destroys a D.U.P. Mobile Command Unit he will be able to unlock the Respawn Point associated to the district where the Mobile Command was located, thus allowing you to save time if you are defeated in a battle.

Destroying a D.U.P. Mobile Command Unit in inFamous: Second Son is the first step you have to take in order to remove the D.U.P. units from a district, but since the vehicles as well as the compounds are well guarded, you should make all necessary preparations.

Throughout the following guide we reveal useful information on how to disable a D.U.P. Mobile Command Unit in inFamous: Second Son.

Locating a D.U.P. Mobile Command Unit in inFamous: Second Son

Early in the videogame, when Delsin Rowe enters Seattle accompanied by his brother, you will be asked to find and destroy the Mobile Command Unit in Queen Anne District.

The said unit is located in the northern part of the district and it is marked on your map by a star.

Each district in inFamous: Second Son features a Mobile Command Unit you have to disable, except for Uptown District, where you will find two Mobile Command Units.

This means that there is a total of 14 D.U.P Mobile Command Units in the game. The Mobile Command Units are clearly marked on your main map by yellow icons on which you can see the following letters: D.U.P. (Department of Unified Protection).

Additionally, if you pay close attention you can notice that these icons are usually placed in the center of smaller zones that have a red background, marking them as restricted areas.

The D.U.P Mobile Command Units in the southern districts are also protected by Jammers.

Once you find a Department of Unified Protection Mobile Command Unit, you should try to destroy it.

Disabling a D.U.P. Mobile Command Unit in inFamous: Second Son

As mentioned, the Mobile Command Units are very well protected, inside small bases surrounded by walls and lookout towers.

On the walls you will usually find multiple soldiers, as well as in front of the gates that lead inside a base.

Depending on how you upgrade Delsin’s powers you can opt to infiltrate the base from above by climbing the roofs, or you can try to use the front gates to enter the D.U.P compound.

The latter option; however, will instantly alert the guards and most patrols outside the base.

The first option, on the other hand, requires you to disable the Security Cameras, because they also alert the guards.

No matter how you decide to get inside the base, before attacking make sure that you restock on ammo; otherwise, you will run out while fighting the enemies.

If this happens, you should exit the base to find a smoke source, neon signs, or antennas, and then resume your attack. A good strategy you can use to eliminate the D.U.P. soldiers protecting a Mobile Command Unit is to attack from above, while staying on a roof and constantly shooting the enemies on the ground.

Be advised; however, that enemy soldiers become stronger later in the game, as you will notice when you reach the southern districts.

After you eliminate all enemies, look for a large APC, and go around it to spot 4 panels on each side. Next, shoot the panels to reveal the power cells used by the vehicle to run. Destroy them as well, and then jump on the APC. While standing on top of the vehicle look for a platform above which you should see an arrow.

Approach the platform, and then place your finger on your controller’s touchpad and slide up to fill the arrow on the screen.

When you see the arrow changing its color, push the touchscreen and hold it down, while mashing R2 to destroy the power cells and overload the APC.

After the explosion, the D.U.P. Mobile Command Unit is destroyed, and you will be able to see all Tracker Drones, Secret Agents, Hidden Cameras, Audio Logs and Stencil Art side-missions in the district, by opening the map. In the southern districts, most Command Units are protected by turrets and even helicopters.

Furthermore, the small bases are replaced by strongholds with multiple levels, and to conquer them you need to find the power panels on the sustaining pillars and destroy them.

These panels allow you to reveal the power source of the D.U.P Mobile Command Unit which is also located on the upper floors, in the middle of the stronghold.

Since the APCs don’t exist here, after you destroy the panels, the main power source will appear on top of the round structure in the center of the base.

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