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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Dead Dunes Canvas of Prayers Quests Guide

Dead Dunes, the fourth area in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII features 18 Canvas of Prayers side-quests that can be activated by talking to Chocolina near the Dead Dunes Train Station.

The Dead Dunes Canvas of Prayers Quests become available when you reach specific points in the game, and after you complete other quests, but they are no different from the Canvas of Prayers quests you can finish in Luxerion, Wildlands or Yusnaan.

This means that you should continuously gather materials by fighting the beasts hiking through the desert, if you want to get the rewards associated with these quests.

The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII strategy guide below, was created to help you finish all Canvas of Prayers quests in Dead Dunes, and it offers useful information on the tasks you need to complete, the areas you have to explore, and the tactics you should use to beat your opponents; so you can gather all materials your clients need.

Quest 1: Flower in the Sands


“Has it been a year already, since he died? He proposed to me, just before it happened. Said he was going to take a Desert Rose Gem from an Earth Eater, the romantic fool, and then I’d have no choice but to say yes. That was the last time we spoke. I don’t know what kind of rock that Desert Rose is, but I’m sure it was not worth getting killed over.”

Client: Bandit Marie

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Desert Rose X 1

Available: Instantly

Reward:  700 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 1, Magic + 2, PSICOM Air Medal Adornment

Guide: The Desert Rose is an item dropped by the powerful creature known as Earth Eater. Earth Eaters spawn in most sub-areas of Dead Dunes and they are easy to identify being extremely large beasts. When fighting an Earth Eater use wind, fire or ice attacks, because they are halved, and the creature is practically invulnerable to lightning, physical and magic attacks.

Your goal is to stagger it as soon as possible. Furthermore, these creatures use a large number of debuffs, so make sure you cast Esunada to remove them.

Quest 2: Biologically Speaking


“Very little is known of the biology of the Desert Sahagins, the strange creatures that swim along the dunes. Are they cousins of the water-dwelling Sahagins? Or are they a breed apart, adapted for life in the sands? I cannot start to answer these questions until I have performed an analysis of the creatures’ biology. To do that, I need sample-even just a scale or two would suffice.”

Client: Professor Pannono

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Dried Scale X 3

Available: Instantly

Reward:  200 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Long Gui’s Shell Adornment

Guide: Weak against wind attacks, the Desert Sahagin inhabits all sub-areas of the Dead Dunes. It looks like a fish but it has a large body as well as legs and arms. Each Sahagin drops a Dried Scale, and they are accessible beasts.

Continue to kill them even if you get all required Dried Scales, because these materials are also needed for the Desert Cleanup quest.

Quest 3: Banned Goods


“I’m puttin’ together booze ingredients for shippin’ back to Yusnaan. I need Goblot hairballs, as many as ya can give me. ‘Course, ya gotta kill the Goblots first to get the hairballs- but that won’t be a problem for a seasoned bounty hunter, right? I’ll make it worth yer while.”

Client: Bandit Psmith

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Goblot Hairballs X 8

Available: Instantly

Reward:  240 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Lebreau’s Rainbow Tattoo Adornment, Tribal Tattoo Adornment

Guide: Probably the most accessible enemies in Dead Dunes area, the Goblots, also inhabit all sub-areas. They are similar to Niblets but they have large horns and red eyes.

A Goblot is vulnerable to wind, fire, ice and physical attacks, but it is resistant to lightning-based attacks.

Quest 4: Climbing the Ranks I


“As a bandit, you’ve gotta prove your mettle if you want to move up the ranks. The boss is big on merit-based promotion, and that means beating monsters among other things. So, anyway. Me and my mates are having a little competition to see who can collect the most dead man’s teeth from the Skeletons. I aim to win, especially as there ain’t nothing in the rules that says I can’t get someone else to do the Skeleton-slating for me!”

Client: Bandit Zellio

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Dead Man’s Teeth X 5

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward: 200 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Replica PSICOM Epaulet Adornment

Guide:  The skeletons that drop the items required for Climbing the Ranks I can be found in most underground ruins.

You can find them by visiting the Shrines of the Tablet, or while exploring the Temple Ruins Gates.  They are mid-scale chaos beasts vulnerable to all attacks except lightning. After you get 5 Dead Man’s Teeth, continue to kill skeletons because you will need even more materials for the next quest.

Quest 5: Climbing the Ranks II


“That Zellio’s getting’a big head. He says he slew a bunch of Skeletons and how he’s sittin’ on a stonkin’ big pile of dead man’s teeth. Damn. How’d he do it? I bet he filched them from an adventurer. Not that it matters, though. He’s got this contest in the bag if I don’t find a stash of dead man’s teeth of my own.”

Client: Bandit Boddel

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Dead Man’s Teeth X 20

Available: Complete Climbing the Ranks I

Reward: 600 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 2, Magic + 1, PSICOM Mobile Medal Adornment

Guide:  After you finish Climbing the Ranks I, continue to gather 20 additional teeth from the skeletons, and you will also complete Climbing the Ranks II.

Quest 6: Heightened Security


“So the order’s come down from the gang bigwigs that we’ve gotta tighten up security around here – turns out them priests from Luxerion are trying’ to muscle on our turf. We gotta post more lookouts and stock up on weapons, and do it fast. But where am I gonna get the supplies? I mean, for starters, I need an organic carapace. That ain’t easy. You know how big those Gurangatches are?”

Client: Armorer Coxilla

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Organic Carapace X 1

Available: Starting Day 4

Reward: 700 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 1, Magic + 2, Replica PSICOM Emblem Adornment, Bandage Adornment

Guide:  The Gurangatch is a large creature protected by a powerful carapace. It is similar to a Komodo Dragon and its spiked carapace prevents most attacks from dealing damage.

To kill a Gurangatch first you have to get rid of the carapace using wind-attacks such as Aeroga. After you stagger the beast it becomes vulnerable to most spells and attacks.

Quest 7: A Treasure for a God


“The highest priestess has commanded that we recover three Pilgrim’s Cruxes from the desert and offer them to the sacred statue. The priestess has made it known that God spoke to her personally and made the request so I cannot possibly return to her empty-handed. But how am I supposed to find the three little cruxes in the sprawling sands?”

Client: Priest Menot

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Pilgrim’s Crux X 3

Available: After main-quest 4

Reward: 600 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Sky Blue Silk Hat Adornment

Guide:  If you found enough cruxes within the desert or the Temple Ruins, A Treasure for a God is an accessible quest, but if you don’t have them, you will waste time looking for these items.

The fastest way to get a Pilgrim’s Crux is to trade the unappraised items that drop from the statues within the Ruins, with Elmer in Ruffian (Tool of A Trade side-quest). He will give you enough Cruxes to open all areas and also to complete A Treasure for a God.

Quest 8: Lucky Charm


“I’m heading off to a dangerous place and I’d like to take a little something to ward off evil. It sure would make me feel better if I had some dried lizard tails. Yeah, yeah, I know. Maybe it’s just superstition, but bandits claim they really work, and well, where I’m going, I need all the luck I can get my hands on!”

Client:  Bounty Hunter Bosk

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Lizard Tail X 3

Available: After you visit Yusnaan

Reward: 400 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Pumpkin Head Adornment

Guide:  While exploring the sands in Dead Dunes area, you will see a large number of small lizards on the ground.

Kill three of them and then collect their tails to complete the quest, but don’t stop, because you will be asked for more.

Quest 9: Supply and Demand


“Suddenly, everyone in the desert seems to want a ward against evil made out of lizard tails. They claim that the tails keep monsters away, and make you immune to injury. Well, I don’t know about that, but what I do know is they’re selling like crazy. I ran out of stock in five minutes! Damn me if this is not a golden opportunity to make some serious gil – if only someone can get me more lizard tails!”

Client:  Merchant Dolph

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Lizard Tail X 5

Available: Starting Day 3, after you complete Lucky Charm

Reward: 800 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 2, Dandy’s Mustache Adornment, Servant’s Mustache Adornment

Guide:  Similar to Lucky Charm, for this quest you will have to get more Lizard Tails. After you finish the previous quest, make sure you kill 5 additional desert lizards and collect the required materials.

Quest 10: Pride and Greed I


“Me and my bandit buddy Reglan are having a contest. The rules are simple-whoever collects the most yellowed skulls wins. And that’s gonna be me, or my name ain’t Moogor! Now, some might call this cheating…but, whatever! Can someone donate their spare skulls to my cause? Please? I’d be a helluva lot grateful if you did.”

Client:  Bandit Moogor

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Yellowed Skull X 3

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward: 300 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Commissioned Pilot’s Badge Adornment, PSICOM Medic Medal Adornment

Guide: The Yellowed Skulls can be obtained by smashing the large skeleton statues found within the underground ruins.

You will need a large amount of skulls because Pride and Greed I is followed by two similar quests. Smash the statues by pressing RB (Xbox 360) or R1 (PS3) and look on the ground for the Yellowed Skulls. Not all statues drop skulls, so be sure to check your inventory.

Quest 11: For My Child


“I was told on good authority that you can get Cactuar dolls from Cactuars, so I naturally thought the desert would be littered with the things. Or, at least, the merchants would have some to sell. Well, was I ever wrong! I promised my boy I’d get him one, so I can’t go back empty-handed. What am I going to do?”

Client: Mattisse

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Cactuar Doll X 1

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward:  500 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Magic + 3, Cactuar Figurine Adornment, Mint Chip Ice Cream Adornment

Guide: The area known as Oasis Lighthouse is a great place to hunt Cactuars. The fast green creatures are vulnerable to physical attacks and most debuffs such as Slow, Deshell, and Deprotect.

They are easy to defeat and each Cactuar drops a doll.

Quest 12: Bandit’s New Weapon


“Those damned Order priests are up to something again. Bunch of their lackeys were spotted moving along the main road, so we’ve been told to arm up, and fast. I can make a good gun, but I need organic carapaces from Gurangatches and Cactuar dolls from Cactuars. This is a golden opportunity to get myself noticed by the gang bigwigs, and I don’t want to let it slip through my fingers.”

Client: Gunsmith Mannon

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Cactuar Doll X 5, Organic Carapace X 5

Available: Complete Quest 6: Heightened Security, and Quest 11: For My Child

Reward:  1300 Gil, Maximum HP + 30, Magic + 4, Strength + 2, Electric Guitar Adornment, Yellow Propeller Adornment

Guide: After you finish Heightened Security, you must continue to kill Gurangatches that spawn in most sandy areas of Dead Dunes, and Cactuars close to Oasis Lighthouse.

Once you have 5 additional Cactuar Dolls and 5 Organic Carapaces, you can complete Bandit’s New Weapon.

Quest 13: Miracle Vintage


“Have you ever seen pot pieces? I mean fragments from the pots that Schrodingers hang out in? Well, spacetime is all twisted inside those things. It’s the kwan-tum in tangle mint, or something like that. The point is, I’ve been told by reliable sources that if you pour cheap wine into a re-assembled pot, it’ll instantly become 1000-year-old vintage. I’ve gotta try that! Just need to find some pot shards…”

Client: Bandit Tapp

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Pot Shard X 10

Available: Starting Day 4

Reward:  500 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Magic + 2, Strength + 1, Yellow Bow Tie Adornment, Canned PuPu Logo Adornment

Guide: To find a large number of Schrodingers you have to check the lower levels of the Temple Ruins. Most of them spawn within the tunnels and they are accessible opponents.

Scorched Earth: Upper Level, Path of the Dead and Scorched Earth: Lower Level, are the areas where these creatures can be located.

Quest 14: Desert Cleanup


“The order’s come from the boss herself. We’ve supposed to clear the desert of every last Earth Eater and Desert Sahagin. And guess who’s been put in charge of the whole operation. Me that’s who! I’ve already got the gang members on the job, but now I’m instituting a bounty system, too. I’ll pay for every monster killed, whatever you’re a bandit or not. Everyone’s welcome to pitch in!”

Client: Bandit Rimmich

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Desert Rose X 10, Dried Scale X 30

Available: Complete Quest 1: Flower in the Sands, and Quest 2: Biologically Speaking

Reward: 1700 Gil, Maximum HP + 40, Magic + 2, Strength + 5, Crystal Petal Adornment, Ether

Guide: Even if you finish Flower in the Sands and Biologically Speaking Canvas of Prayers quests, don’t avoid the Earth Eaters and the Sahagins you may encounter, because you need 10 Desert Roses and 30 Dried Scales for Desert Cleanup.

The Desert Sahagins can be found swimming in all areas covered by sand, while most Earth Eaters spawn in the sub-area known as Dry Floodlands.

To defeat them use the same tactics you have used while completing the two quests listed above.

Quest 15: The Real Client


“Hey, can someone help me? I know a person who wants certain rare ingredients to use as catalysts in an alchemy experiment. Apparently, they’ll pay good money for the stuff. So, if you have any hairballs from Goblots or pieces of a Schrodinger’s pot, give them to me would you? I’ll make it worth your while…”

Client: Bandit Lilly

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Goblot Hairball X 10, Pot Shard X 5

Available: Complete Quest 3: Banned Goods, and Quest 13: Miracle Vintage

Reward: 600 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Magic + 3, Blue Newsboy Cap Adornment, NORA Logo Adornment

Guide: For The Real Client quest, additional Goblot Hairballs and Pot Shards are required. Exploring the lower levels of the Temple Ruins will help you get the materials needed, which means that you have to continue killing Schrodingers and Goblots even if you finish Banned Goods and Miracle Vintage quests explained above.

Quest 16: A New Application


“You’ve heard about the lizard tails, right? Well, if you dry’em out and hang them around your neck, they’re supposed to keep misfortune at bay. Prices have gone through the roof and the bandits are rakin’ it in. Well, that got me thinking. Maybe I could turn lizard tails into a menu item. You know, while they’re all trendy and everything. All I need is for someone to deliver me a stash and I can get to cooking. Who knows, maybe Gordon Gourmet will drop by to sample ‘em!”

Client: Barkeep

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Lizard Tail X 20

Available: Complete Family Food in Yusnaan

Reward: 1600 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Magic + 1, Strength + 2, Craftsman’s Beard Adornment, Regent’s Mustache Adornment

Guide: A New Application becomes available only if you finish Family Food side-quest in Yusnaan. Once the said quest ends, visit Dead Dunes and kill the small lizards on the ground to get the Lizard Tails. Most Lizards spawn close to the ruins outside, as they prefer the stay away from the sun.

Quest 17: Pride and Greed II


“Young Moogor and I are having a competition to see who can collect the most yellowed skulls. I don’t know how the little bastard did it, but he’s collected a huge pile of the things. I’ve been mentoring that kid since he was a snot-nosed punk, and if he beats me now he’ll start thinking he’s better than me. I can’t have that. Can anyone help me? Please? My pride is on the line here.”

Client: Bandit Reglan

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Yellowed Skull X 5

Available: Starting Day 7, after you complete Quest 10: Pride and Greed I

Reward: 500 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Gadot’s Blue Emblem Adornment, Dark Knight’s Shades Adornment

Guide: Even if you complete Pride and Greed I, don’t stop collecting the Yellowed Skulls by smashing the statues in Temple Ruins, because for Pride and Greed II, you need 5 additional skulls.

When you get them, you can complete the current side-quest, but for the next one you will need even more.

Quest 18: Pride and Greed III


“Now, I’m in a bit of a pickle. The Alchemic Society has put a large order for yellowed skulls. They’re a valued customer so I can’t turn them down, but I’ve got a real problem trying to fill the order. Turns out some of the younger bandits have been collecting skulls left, right, and center, and there are barely left in the desert. It’s going to take some serious hiking to find more…”

Client: Bandit Coconan

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Yellowed Skull X 20

Available: Starting Day 9, after you complete Quest 17: Pride and Greed II

Reward: 1500 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 1, Magic + 2, Staff of Judgment Adornment, White Guitar Adornment

Guide: Similar to the previous quest and to Pride and Greed I, Pride and Greed III can be completed by collecting 20 Yellowed Skulls from the Skeleton Statues inside Temple Ruins.

The Shrines also include a smaller number of statues that can be smashed to find more skulls.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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