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inFamous: Second Son Tracker Drones Locations

In inFamous: Second Son, the D.U.P Tracker Drones represent the main source for the Blast Shards that allow you to unlock new powers for Delsin, or to upgrade those that you already unlocked; therefore, you will have to focus on finding and disabling all drones from an inFamous: Second Son District as soon as you can.

Just like other side-missions or activities, the Tracker Drones are displayed on your main map when the D.U.P. Mobile Command Unit from a district is disabled.

In fact, for disabling a Mobile Command Unit in a district, you will be able to see the following side-missions and activities: the Secret Agents, the Hidden Cameras, the Audio Logs, the Stencil Art mini-games, and all Tracker Drones.

The Tracker Drones are very easy to find and they don’t require special powers, but since they are numerous, it will take some time for you to disable them.

A Tracker Drone is a D.U.P. flying device, used to oversee the civilian activities within a district. These units look like small planes, they are blue and they are powered by Blast Shards.

The Tracker Drones in inFamous: Second Son can be static, or they can be mobile, and the following video game guide explains how to find them, how to disable them, and how to drain the Blast Shards they carry.

Locating a D.U.P. Tracker Drone in inFamous: Second Son

As explained, the Tracker Drones in a district appear on your map when a D.U.P. Mobile Command Unit is disabled, and if you open your map you will see a series of blue dots showing the locations of all Tracker Drones.

Additionally, on the right side of the screen you will see a legend showing how many Tracker Drones can be found in that area.

What you have to know; however, is that the number displayed on the map, doesn’t show the number of Tracker Drones, but the number of Blast Shards you can find, including those that power the drones, the Scanning Stations and the Mobile Command Units.

In other words the blue dots show the Blast Shards, even if the legend on the map states that those are Tracker Drones.

If you wish to verify this theory, open your map the moment you destroy a Mobile Command Unit and check the number of Tracker Drones in the district you have liberated.

Next, collect the Blast Shards around the Mobile Command Unit you have destroyed, and open the map again to see that the number of Tracker Drones is smaller, even if you didn’t find any of them.

Basically, to find all inFamous: Second Son Tracker Drones in a district, you have to collect all Blast Shards; therefore, you will have to destroy all Scanning Stations, drain the Blast Shards from a Mobile Command Unit and disable the flying devices and drain their shards.

Assuming that you already know how to disable a Scanning Station and a Mobile Command Unit, the next step in lowering the D.U.P.’s control over a district is to destroy their Tracker Drones. Open your map and find one of the blue dots, then head towards its location.

Since most Tracker Drones are mobile units, creating a map for their exact locations is impossible, but they are easy to find, so you won’t need one.

When you get close to a blue dot, look up and try to spot a flying blue drone that moves around, but be advised, that there are also stationary drones that don’t move. These drones are usually found on the rooftops, under bridges or attached to walls and other structures.

When looking for a Tracker Drone, always consider the game’s verticality, meaning that a drone can be above or below your current position. After you get the neon powers, you can find all Tracker Drones, except for one, located in Uptown District.

The drone is close to Augustine’s headquarters which are protected by electric fences.

Delsin will learn how to disable the electric fence during the last sequence in the game, which means that the Blast Shard in eastern Uptown District is the final one to collect.

Disabling a D.U.P. Tracker Drone in inFamous: Second Son

The moment you spot a mobile or static drone, you will have to disable it by shooting it down. Press R2 on your controller and pay close attention to where the Tracker Drone falls.

Next, approach the device and press the touchpad of your PlayStation 4 controller to drain its Blast Shard. To save time while collecting the Blast Shards from the mobile Tracker Drones, try to shoot them while they are above the ground and close to your position, because if they fall on rooftops, you will have to climb the buildings in order to get close to these units.

inFamous: Second Son features more than 200 Blast Shards, most of them being carried by Tracker Drones which can be found in the following districts.

Queen Anne – 16 Tracker Drones

Seattle Centre – 13 Tracker Drones

Paramount – 17 Tracker Drones

Belltown – 16 Tracker Drones

Pioneer Square – 20 Tracker Drones

Georgetown – 16 Tracker Drones

Market District – 15 Tracker Drones

Lantern District – 13 Tracker Drones

Rainer – 14 Tracker Drones

Waterfront – 10 Tracker Drones

Denny Park – 15 Tracker Drones

Downtown – 19 Tracker Drones

Uptown – 19 Tracker Drones

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