Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Datapoints Collectibles Locations Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn | All 12 Vantage Datapoints Collectibles Locations Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Datapoints Collectibles Locations Guide
A Vantage Datapoint in Horizon Zero Dawn

Probably the most interesting collectibles in the whole game, the Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Datapoints are basically holographic records that allow you to see a glimpse of the past.

To collect a Vantage Cache, you must stand close to it and press R3 to activate your character’s Focus.

When you do that, you will see how the old world looked like. Press Triangle and a short audio commentary will play.

Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Datapoints Details

Only 12 Vantage Datapoints exist in the game world, so you can get them fairly quick.

And it’s not a bad idea too, since you can always find a supply crate nearby, which means easy money.

Usually, you can find them on high spots overlooking large areas where an important landmark existed in the past.

Unlike the Banuk Artifacts, the Ancient Vessels or the Metal Flowers, the Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Datapoints remain on the map after you access them, thus you can always revisit their locations if you desire so.

However, you can also inspect them in the collectables section of the notebook menu. As you can see in your notebook, there are three sets, each with four Vantages.

They have unique names and more than that, they have an extra text attached to them.

To make your life a bit easier, merchants sell maps that add markers with the approximate locations of the Vantage Datapoints. You can purchase the maps anytime, since they are very cheap.

However, you still have to find the exact spot, which is why it’s easier to use a guide such as the one below.

When you activate your first Vantage Datapoint you’ll get a trophy, and the All Vantages found trophy after you access all 12.

Keep in mind that you have to reach a campfire or a checkpoint for the collectibles to register. If you die, you have to get it again.

And don’t forget to check the included video from our YouTube playlist for a visual reference of the locations.

Note: The map is very large, so we recommend you to open it in a new tab to zoom in!

Vantage Datapoints Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Datapoints Locations Map
All Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Datapoints Locations Map

Vantage Datapoint #1 – Air Combat Academy

To get the first Vantage Datapoint, follow the road from the southern gate up north, and then take a left turn at the intersection (the spot is close to a Corrupted Zone).

Opposite from the building with the steep roof you should see a rock formation. Climb it using the ledges around the back and you will end up next to the Vantage Cache.

Vantage Datapoint #2 – Colorado Springs

Head south from the Devil’s Thirst camp until you find a large ruined skyscraper. Get inside and climb on the collapsed ceiling to find a yellow ledge.

Follow the yellow climbing points to reach the top floor. Overlooking the valley is the second Vantage Datapoint collectible, next to the point where you can rappel down.

Vantage Datapoint #3 – Explorer Museum

The third one is on the road that leads north from Devil’s Thirst. Close to the camp you should find a small rock “pillar” alongside the road. Approach it from either side (road or hill) and activate the Vantage on top to reveal that the camp was in fact a museum in the past.

Vantage Datapoint #4 – Bridal Veil Falls

Descend from the Two-Teeth bandit camp to find a rock sign that indicates the road to Daytower. Behind the sign, a few steps away from it, you should see some climbable ledges.

Make your way on the path, and after two more ledges go left to discover the Vantage Datapoint on the edge of the cliff.

Vantage Datapoint #5 – Sterling-Malkeet Amphitheater

This one is actually very easy to find, and unlike the others, it’s on low ground. It is in the middle of a Corrupted Zone, so even if it’s easy to spot, it can prove challenging to reach if you have a low level.

From the campfire located west of the Corrupted Zone, hop over the low wall to your right to find the Vantage Cache that overlooks the amphitheater.

Vantage Datapoint #6 – Denver Stadium

You can find the sixth Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Datapoint inside a tall building east from the Devil’s Grief point on the map. To be sure you got the right building, look for one that has a small campfire on the ground floor (it’s made by someone else, it’s not a fast travel point).

Above the campfire is a platform with two torches. That’s where the climbing path starts. Just follow the yellow dots and ledges until you can’t go any further (it’s quite a climb). The Vantage has a nice view of the stadium, so use that as a reference.

Vantage Datapoint #7 – Monument Valley

The next one is a bit misleading. You will find it on a rock east from Sunstone Rock (duh), but you can’t climb it directly. Instead, use the ledges of the large cliff near the watchtower, and once you reach the top attach to the zip line to reach the Vantage Datapoint.

Vantage Datapoint #8 – Eagle Canyon

Use the road that leads north from Meridian and walk until you find the first set of pillars standing on each side of the road. Turn left, toward the cliff, and climb to its highest point.

The Vantage collectible is on a higher level than the entire city of Meridian, and it depicts how the canyon looked like in the old times.

Vantage Datapoint #9 – Lake Powell

This Vantage Datapoint stands above the large body of water indicated on our map. It’s near a campfire across the lake from Brightmarket (north side).

You can circle around the rocks (beware of the Snapmaws) and go up until you are above the campfire – or you can use the nearby ledges, whichever is easier for you.

At this point you should be next to a horizontal rope. Use it to traverse the gap, then make use of the whitened ledges to climb even further. The cache waits for you at the top.

Vantage Datapoint #10 – Bryce Orbital

You can search for Vantage Datapoint #10 in the mountains north-east from Sunfall. It has a direct view of the city, but you can’t climb the slope beneath.

Instead, use the east side of the mountain, starting from the nearby campfire. Just hop on the rocks, then turn left at the top to reach a plateau.

Vantage Datapoint #11 – FARO Automated Solutions

The next Vantage Cache can be accessed just south from the Corrupted Zone at Maker’s End. Head to the road that leads up the mountain (south from the campfire) and run until you find a rock outcropping at the end of it – it may be hard to spot if it’s bad weather.

The climbable ledges should be in front of you. Use them to go around and to the top of the outcrop in order to find the Datapoint.

Vantage Datapoint #12 – King’s Peak

Far north on the map you can see the final Vantage Datapoint in Horizon Zero Dawn (west from the Ruins). It’s a treacherous path filled with many dangerous creatures, and there is no campfire up here, so proceed with caution.

Start from the river next to the southern campfire, then scale the waterfall at the end of it. As soon as you reach the top of the plateau you are “greeted” by a very powerful Stormbird – that is, if you explore this area before you should do it in the story; if you are ill-equipped you will most likely die.

Turn left as you reach the plateau and ascend the highest cliff to find the Vantage Cache.

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