Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figures Collectibles Locations Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn | All 6 Banuk Figures Collectibles Locations Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figures Collectibles Locations Guide
A Banuk Figure in Horizon Zero Dawn

Only 6 Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figures can be found while exploring the vast world of the PS4 exclusive developed by Guerilla Games, which is the lowest number among all collectibles.

A Banuk figure – or Arnak’s figure – is a wooden artifact that you simply pick up when you find it. However, your progress is not saved automatically, so you still have to reach a checkpoint or save at a campfire.

But once you save, the figure is gone for good from the map, in contrast to the Vantage Datapoints, which can be revisited.

While the Banuk Figures are fairly easy to discover, it’s hard to reach them, since they are placed on mountain tops or very high ground, which means a lot of climbing is involved – good thing the traversal mechanics work pretty well and will most likely point you in the right direction without even realizing.

The not-so-nice part is figuring out where is the start of the climbing path. Stay at the bottom of the mountain and circle around until you find colorful paintings on the rocks, which are tribal marks consisting of… triangles!

The outlander’s crude map that you can buy from the merchants does nothing to help you in this regard, because it only highlights a general area where you can find the Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figures.

Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figures Details

Like we mentioned before, there are 6 Banuk Figure collectibles, 3 sets consisting of 2 collectibles each. Check the ones that you’re missing in the notebook menu. Each has a slightly different form, and they tell the story of an exiled tribe member, Arnak (select them to see the included parchment).

Speaking of merchants, there are specialized ones that can give you valuable rewards for finding all Banuk Figures, Metal Flowers, or Ancient Vessels.

Search for Cantarah in Meridian, she’s the one that’s interested in returning the sacred relics to their homeland. She’s happy to buy the figures from you once you have full sets.

In exchange, you get three reward boxes that can be opened for 500 Metal Shards and 3 Modification Boxes each. 1500 Metal Shards for 6 collectibles? Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Don’t worry though, you can still access Arnak’s tale after you sell the Banuk Figures.

As a bonus, you get two trophies for finding one Banuk Figure and all of them, respectively: First Banuk Figure found and All Banuk Figures found.

Through the following Horizon Zero Dawn collectibles guide we will try to do our best to explain the proper paths you have to follow in order to get all Banuk Figures.

Note: The map is very large, so we recommend you to open it in a new tab to zoom in!

Banuk Figures Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figures Locations Map
All Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figures Locations Map

Banuk Figure #1: My Claim

The first Banuk Figure is located in the mountains north-east from the Devil’s Thirst bandit camp. Find the colored paintings on the cliffs and look at the bottom of the mountain for two poles connected by a rope.

Use the poles to jump on the cliffs, then follow the path to find a yellow rope that joins the cliffs. The wood sculpture is waiting for you at the other end of the rope.

Banuk Figure #2: I Name You

To get the next one, start from the campfire in Hunter’s Gathering. Use the nearby pole to reach the plateau, then search for some yellow handles and points. At the top is another horizontal rope. Hop on it to traverse the slope, then grab the Banuk Artifact from the altar.

Banuk Figure #3: Punishment

This Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figure is up north, east from the Banuk Encampment. Facing the camp, look for the tribal triangles on the mountain to our right side.

Make your way to the top using the marked ledges and the yellow traversal points, then go straight to the big blue triangle to locate the Artifact that’s underneath.

Banuk Figure #4: Mother

Also in the north, but this time on the left half of the map. Located at a fair distance south from Pitchcliff – or just north from a Corrupted Zone – you can easily see its colored markings at the top of the mountain if you stand on the shore of the river.

The path is also easy to follow, since the smaller triangles always lead the way to the bigger triangles, where the Banuk Artifact is usually placed.

Banuk Figure #5: The Vision

The fifth Banuk Figure can be found south from Sunfall, next to a Corrupted Zone. Here in the desert, all the rock formations are pointy/sharp.

One of these rocks has the specific painting, which marks the start of the climbing path (right-hand side as you’re facing the rocks). Jump on the nearby pole, then use the available ledges to reach the top – always keep an eye out for more painted stones.

Cross the chasm using the long rope, then the only things standing between you and the Arnak Artifact are two more easy jumps.

Banuk Figure #6: I Cannot Confess

This one is placed west from the city of Meridian and can be approached from two points. You can either descend to its position from the campfire that’s above it, or you can use the proper path which starts at the bottom.

There are multiple paintings on the cliffs next to the waterfall in the jungle, hard to miss. Start your ascension, and at some point, detach to find another ledge around the side of the rock outcrop.

Next to the pole at the top is the sixth and final Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figure. If you followed the other path, you will have to use a tight rope to reach the outcrop.

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