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Grand Theft Auto V Vinewood Souvenirs Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Vinewood Souvenirs Missions can be activated exclusively by Trevor, after completing the main mission named Friends Reunited.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Vinewood Souvenirs Missions are triggered by talking to two Strangers and Freaks named Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill.

In GTA 5, Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill are two collectors who gather items that belong to the local celebrities. When you talk to them the first time, you will begin a series of six assignments named the Vinewood Souvenirs missions, during which, Trevor must stalk, steal and even kill one celebrity.

The Grand Theft Auto V Vinewood Souvenirs Missions Guide below includes six walkthroughs for all missions you get from Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill.

The GTA 5 Vinewood Souvenirs walkthroughs provide tips and hints that will help you to get 100% completion rate while playing these specific missions in GTA V.

Vinewood Souvenirs –- Willy Walkthrough

GTA 5 Vinewood Souvenirs –- Willy is one of the missions you have to complete for Nigel and Mr. Thornhill.

The characters ask Trevor to get an item from a celebrity named Willy who is a member of the band known as Love Fist. The item you need to recover is Willy’s golden tooth.

GTA V Vinewood Souvenirs -– Willy is a rated mission featuring two objectives: Fist Fury and Entourage. First, drive to the marked location on your map and locate the building named Tequi-La-La.

Enter the nightclub, and you will see Willy close to the main stage talking to a woman; however, do not approach him yet.

Instead follow the stairs up to the second floor and you will find a group of fans and other members of the band. Spend some time near them to make sure you complete the GTA 5 Vinewood Souvenirs – Willy Entourage objective, and then head downstairs.

For the second objective in the mission you have to beat Willy without taking damage. Get close to your target, and activate Trevor’s ability.

Hit Willy three times and his tooth will fall to the ground. Pick it up, exit the club and lose the cops, to complete the mission.

At the end of the mission, Tequi-La-La can be purchased and if you have enough funds you should buy it because it is a profitable GTA 5 property.

Vinewood Souvenirs –- Tyler Walkthrough

For the second mission in the series, named GTA 5 Vinewood Souvenirs –- Tyler, you are asked to steal Tyler Dixon’s clothes, but to get 100% completion you need to complete two objectives: Weed Killer and Pilferer.

After you locate Tyler’s’ house in Vinewood, go to the main gate and enter stealth mode. Next, jump over the fence and punch the gardener who is searching for tools in his van, to get the Weed Killer objective. Now, go around the house, on the right side while looking at the red car, and you will find a smaller metal door.

Jump over it and then over the next one. Stay close to the wall and continue to go around the house, to reach the pool. Notice that Tyler is swimming. At some point, the lady in the jacuzzi will ask him to join her. When Tyler exits the pool on the other side, he will stop for several seconds, before going to the jacuzzi.

That is the moment when you have to steal his clothes to get the Pilferer objective in the mission. The clothes are on a chair near the pool. Grab them, and remain in stealth mode, then exit the mansion and steal a car.

If you follow this strategy you will not alert the cops and you will get 100% completion.

Vinewood Souvenirs -– Kerry Walkthrough

Unlike the previous two GTA 5 Vinewood Souvenirs missions, Vinewood Souvenirs –- Kerry is more accessible if you wish to get 100% completion.

To finish the mission you have to find a local celebrity named Kerry and steal the collar from her dog, named Dixie. Kerry is located on a back alley in Rockford Hills.

Once you find and approach her, Dixie will start running and you must chase the dog. Several blocks away Dixie stops and you have to get close enough to steal the collar.

The Hot on The Paws objective can be completed as long as you maintain visual contact with Dixie. Once you get the blue collar, exit the area so Trevor can call Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill.

Vinewood Souvenirs -– Mark Walkthrough

GTA 5 Vinewood Souvenirs -– Mark can be a challenging mission if you wish to get the gold medal once you finish it.

To complete the mission you need to kill Mark Furstenburg and collect his golf club; however if you want to get a 100% completion rate, you also need to complete three objectives: Under Par, Hole in One and FOUR! The Under Par objective is the trickiest because you have to get the golf club in less than 30 seconds.

When you reach the golf course, you will notice that Mark Fostenburg appears as a red dot on your map. The moment you see the red dot, the clock starts ticking, and you have to start running. Make sure you don’t get too close to Mark because you will be spotted and he will flee.

While running switch to a sniper rifle, and head towards the target. Aim for Mark, who wears a red shirt and a blue hat. Make sure you shoot him in the head to get the Hole in One objective. Once you see him down, start running and switch to the assault rifle while moving.

While sprinting towards the golf club (green dot on the map), stop from time to time and take out at least two guards. Mark’s club falls close to him, on the ground. Pick it up and take out the final guard to complete the objective known as FOUR!

Once all guards are dead, enter a golf cart and lose the cops. To cover the distance between the location where you stop to kill Mark and his golf club, you can also use a car, but if you fail to get the gold medal when you first attempt this mission, then you will have to replay it, and you won’t have a car.

Vinewood Souvenirs -– Al Di Napoli Walkthrough

GTA 5 Vinewood Souvenirs -– Al Di Napoli is a side-mission that tests your driving skills.

As all previous GTA V Vinewood Souvenirs missions, it is rated and you can get a gold medal if you complete 3 objectives: Stalker, Not a Scratch and Accident and Emergency.

In GTA V Vinewood Souvenirs -– Al Di Napoli, Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill ask you to chase another star and help them catch him.

To get the Accident and Emergency and the Not a Scratch objectives, you have to remember that it is not a race, and there is no timer to beat. You won’t be able to catch Al Di Napoli unless you complete the chase, as he will wait for you at the end. Therefore, instead of rushing towards your target, try to drive slower but maintain a visual contact on the black SUV.

Focus on avoiding the traffic and other obstacles instead of driving close to your target. As long as you don’t fall too far behind you won’t have any difficulties in completing the Stalker objective. Additionally, if you drive slower you will be able to complete the Not a Scratch objective, by avoiding other cars and obstacles. The trickiest part of the chase occurs when you enter the hospital.

If needed, stop the car and look around to see where the staff is located. There are 3 doctors you have to avoid, but remember that if you touch one of them you will fail the third objective.

Turn around the corners as slowly as possible to avoid any human casualties. When you see the large window that allows you to exit the hospital, accelerate and you will jump next to Al Di Napoli.

Get close to the movie star so Trevor can apprehend him and the mission ends.

Vinewood Souvenirs -– The Last Act Walkthrough

GTA 5 Vinewood Souvenirs –- The Last Act is the final mission you have to complete for Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill. The couple will ask you to get rid of Di Napoli, who is locked in the trunk of their car.

After you talk to them, get in the car and drive away, towards the train tracks. If you wish, you can let Di Napoli go, but if you want to get 100% completion you must kill him using the train (Locomotivation objective).

To complete the first objective all you have to do is to drive Nigel’s car all the way to the train tracks and leave it there; however, you won’t get the gold medal because you also have to complete the objective named Skin of Your Teeth. For the said objective you have to exit the car just before the train hits.

To beat the mission on gold, when you get to the train tracks, head left towards the train and jump out several seconds before the collision. If you wait for the train to get to you, the objective is hard to achieve, because Trevor won’t jump out of the car.

Once you complete both objectives, the GTA 5 Vinewood Souvenirs series of missions is complete.

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