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Grand Theft Auto V Parachuting Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Parachuting Missions can be played only as Franklin and only after you complete the Minor Turbulence story mission. GTA 5 Parachuting Missions are received from another Stranger and Freak, named Dom.

Dom’s hobby is to perform dangerous jumps from various structures in Los Santos, such as the Maze Bank, or he will ask you to follow him around the island to specific points where he will test your skills.

Unlike other side-missions in the video game, the missions you get from Dom are hard to complete unless you know how to use a parachute; therefore, it is a good idea to complete the associated flight lessons at the Flight School in Los Santos.

By finishing all Flight School Lessons, you will be able to learn how to dive, how to steer your parachute and how to land on moving vehicles, such as trucks. Once you learn how to perform these maneuvers, you can attempt Dom’s missions.

You have to be aware that the last mission in the series, named Uncalculated Risk, has special requirements that must be completed in order to unlock it. After the first mission, named Risk Assessment, you will be informed that 13 parachute jumps locations have been added to your map.

If you wish to play Dom’s final side-mission, you need to complete all parachute jumps in Los Santos. The Parachute Jumps can be performed by any character, but Dom’s missions can be played exclusively as Franklin.

Travel from one location to another and complete the required objectives or you will not be able to play the Uncalculated Risk mission.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 Parachuting Missions Guide provides hints and tips that will help you get 100% completion at the end of each mission you receive from Dom.

Risk Assessment Walkthrough

GTA 5 Risk Assessment is the first parachuting mission you have to complete after you meet Dom. Once the main quest named Minor Turbulence is complete, Dom will appear on your map marked by letter D.

As Franklin, travel to his location and you will find Dom’s dog. The dog will take you where Dom is located and you will be able to talk to the strange character. To begin the Risk Assessment mission follow Dom and enter his chopper who will take you to a jump location.

Before jumping, if you wish to complete the mission on gold, you have to be aware that you are not allowed to open your parachute during the first 7 seconds (Free Faller objective). To make sure that you complete the Free Faller objective, start counting the moment you jump. You are allowed to free fall for more than 7 seconds, but you are not allowed to free fall for less than 7 seconds.

In other words, after you jump, count to 9 and then open your parachute. While gliding, head towards the marked spot on the ground and try to get as close as possible.

The second part of the mission is similar to the lesson you can complete at the Flight School. After you get on the ground look around for a bike and jump on it. Wait for Dom to get his bike and start driving to the mountain’s base.

While this part of the mission is similar to the Exercising Demons –Trevor, you will notice that it is harder because of the terrain. To complete the remaining two objectives: Big Air and Downhill King don’t try to take the lead. Let Dom show you the way, while you focus on the terrain. Use the brakes if needed and don’t accelerate.

As you go down the mountain you will notice that the terrain changes allowing you to go faster. Accelerate and take the lead as soon as you enter the forest.

Continue to move from one checkpoint to another and you will win the race. The Big Air objective is automatically completed while performing the jumps you encounter on the track.

Liquidity Risk Walkthrough

GTA 5 Liquidity Risk is the trickiest mission you have to complete for Dom, especially if you want to get the gold medal when you finish it. After you get to the airport, where Dom is waiting, follow him to the plane and get inside using the ATV.

When the plane reaches the jump point, head towards the exit using your vehicle. The Liquidity Risk mission features two objectives that must be achieved to get 100% completion: Sky Blaze and Dive Bomber.

For the Sky Blazer objective, you have to perform 8 spins on the Blazer. Immediately after you jump, pull the acceleration button (RT on Xbox 360) slightly, to make sure that you control the Blazer and that the vehicle maintains a horizontal position.

Now, pull the left thumbstick towards you to perform a backflip or away from you for a front flip. Count how many times you spin and make sure you perform at least 8 spins. For the Dive Bomber objective you have to be sure that as you get close to the water, you align your Blazer so that the vehicle touches the water first, while Franklin is still standing on it.

After you complete the mission go to Dom’s location to complete the mission.

Targeted Risk Walkthrough

GTA 5 Targeted Risk is also a tricky mission if you want to get the gold medal. When Dom’s location appears on the map you will receive a message in which he tells you that he is on top of the Maze Bank.

To get to him and start the mission you need a helicopter or the atomic blimp. Land on top of the building and find Dom who wishes you to jump with him on a truck. For the first objective, named Dare Devil you need to fall for at least eight seconds before opening the parachute.

The moment you jump, start counting and don’t push the left thumbstick forward because you will dive. Count to 10 before opening the parachute, then head for the truck you see on the street. The second objective named Bullseye as well as the mission can be completed only if you land on the said vehicle.

The second part of the mission, which involves your landing is similar to one of the flying lessons you can play in order to learn how to use a parachute in GTA 5.

Uncalculated Risk Walkthrough

GTA 5 Uncalculated Risk is easier than the previous parachuting missions but it has special requirements. Unlike Targeted Risk, to get the Uncalculated Risk mission from Dom, you will have to complete all 13 parachute jumps.

After you beat Risk Assessment, you will be informed that 13 Parachute Jump locations have been added to your map. Complete all of them to unlock the Uncalculated Risk mission, and head to the new icon that appears on your map.

Dom’s dog will wait for you and you will find the strange character above a dam. Watch the cutscene, and then if you want to get the Leap of Faith objective and the gold medal, turn left while facing the fence, and locate the parachute near the 2 brown crates. Pick it up then follow Dom and jump in the river below.

Open the parachute the moment you jump, to avoid unpleasant accidents.

Land anywhere to complete the final parachuting mission.

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