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Grand Theft Auto V Minute Men Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Minute Men Missions Guide reveals several strategies that can be used to complete all Minute Men missions on gold, while playing as Trevor.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Minute Men Missions, or the Civil Border Patrol Missions, become available in GTA 5, after you complete Mr. Phillips main mission.

GTA 5 includes 3 missions Trevor receives from two Strangers and Freaks, named Josef and Joe. Josef and Joe have an unusual occupation and they are dedicated to keep their country clean by hunting down illegal immigrants.

Together they formed the Civil Border Patrol, and they ask Trevor to join them. Without knowing what to expect from his new friends, Trevor accepts and starts helping by participating in their raids.

As the missions unfold, Trevor realizes that in fact all immigrants he is hunting down with his new friends are in fact legal citizens.

The Civil Border Patrol Walkthrough

GTA 5 The Civil Border Patrol is the first mission you receive from Josef and Joe, or the Minute Men.

After you encounter them for the first time, they will pick up the traces of a group of illegal immigrants and they will ask Trevor to drive the car to the bar where the immigrants are hiding.

GTA V The Civil Border Patrol mission is rated and you get 100%completion if you complete two objectives: Mariachi My Ride and Stop The Music.

The objective named Stop The Music is harder to get because you will be asked to stop the mariachi band in less than 40 seconds; therefore, once you reach the bar, exit Joe’s car and equip Trevor with an assault rifle.

Next, enter the bar and search the backroom. You won’t find anyone and you will hear Joe yelling that the mariachi band tries to run away.

Exit the bar immediately and you will see their car on the left side of the parking lot. At this point, you have to shoot the tires of the car, without hurting the mariachi. If you let them drive too far, you will fail the objective, because they will drive towards the hills and the terrain won’t allow you to have a clear shot.

Make sure you stop the car before crossing the street near the bar. Next, you will receive a stunt gun, which allows you to stop the drunken mariachi.

Shoot both of them with the stunt gun, and enter their car, because it is a requirement for the Mariachi My Ride objective.

Leave the area while driving their car, to complete the mission.

An American Welcome Walkthrough

GTA 5 An American Welcome mission is trickier, because if you wish to get 100% completion you need to complete three objectives: Shock and Awe, Downed and Double Downed. Before starting the mission you have to be aware that for the Shock and Awe objective you have to avoid any collisions with your targets.

In An American Dream, Josef and Joe will ask you to track down three immigrants that try to escape. The first immigrant or your first target must be stunned within 30 seconds to get the Downed objective.

This can be a hard task since the target is moving on a quad bike; however, to catch him in 30 second, as soon as you begin, take a right turn and drive down the cliff to meet your target on the street below.

Don’t exit the car and don’t stop in the middle of the road because the target will hit your truck, thus you will miss the Shock and Awe objective. Stop close to the mountain and wait for him to arrive, then Joe or Josef will stun him. Wait for them to pick up the immigrant, and follow the yellow dot on the map.

Once you get close to the cement factory, get ready to start the chase and be advised that this time you have to stop two bikers. Enter the courtyard and follow them.

Stay close to the first biker so the Minute Men can shoot him down, and don’t stop when the biker is downed. Continue to follow the second one and use the same strategy to stop him.

Apprehend the second biker, and then return to the first one. Wait for the immigrant to enter the truck you drive, then exit the car and leave the area.

Minute Man Blues Walkthrough

GTA 5 Minute Man Blues side-mission is the final mission in the Minute-Men series and it is also a tricky mission, because of the two objectives you need to complete if you want to get a gold medal.

After Trevor talks to an old character in front of Golden Buns Bakery, he is sent to redeem himself and finish the Civil Border Patrol.

In other words, to complete this mission you have to kill Josef and Joe; however, to beat the mission with a 100% completion rate, you have to stun them first, and also kill them before they leave the farm.

To get both objectives, No Migration and What Goes Around… make sure that after you talk to the old man, you switch to the stun gun. Next, drive to the farm nearby and you will find Josef in the courtyard. At this point you can try to stun him while inside the car (better protection) or you can exit and take cover, but whatever you decide, stay away from the large barn behind Josef. Once you stun Josef, switch to an assault rifle and kill him.

Without changing the weapon, head towards the barn and aim for the door, because when you get close enough, Joe will rush out using a tractor.

Shoot the tractor’s wheels to stop him as fast as you can (preferably in front of the barn), then switch to the stun gun again and chase him. When close enough, stun Joe. Now, switch to any lethal weapon you want and kill Joe.

After you kill Joe, you will finish the final GTA V Minute Men mission.

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