Grand Theft Auto V Epsilon Tracts Locations Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Epsilon Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Epsilon Missions can be unlocked after you complete the main mission Father/Son as well as the Pulling Favors Towing mission.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 Epsilon Missions Guide explains how to unlock them and how to complete all eight Strangers and Freaks missions included in the Epsilon series.

The GTA 5 Epsilon missions will allow you to uncover a new type of hidden items in GTA V, named the Epsilon Tracts; however, to be able to locate them you need to complete the final mission in the Epsilon series.

Unlike other Strangers and Freaks missions, Epsilon assignments must be unlocked; therefore, after you complete the main mission named Father/Son you have to access the Epsilon Website and complete the GTA 5 Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation.

If you can’t find the Epsilon Website in Grand Theft Auto V, open your phone and then access the Internet app. In the search box, type Epsilon and the first search result will take you to the Epsilon Site. Once you access the website, you have to complete the Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation, by answering several questions.

The answers you give won’t affect the missions you will trigger. After you finish the Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation, you will be able to notice a new question mark on your map indicating that a new Stranger and Freak is available in the game.

The Epsilon missions in GTA 5 can be completed exclusively while playing as Michael. To start the first mission in the Epsilon Series, travel to the location marked on your map by the blue question mark.

Seeking The Truth Walkthrough

GTA 5 Seeking The Truth Epsilon mission is very short and includes only a cutscene. Once you get to the location marked on your map, Michael finds a red truck and a note.

As the scene continues to unfold, Michael is attacked by two strangers, and ends up on a field wearing only his underwear. After you recover the control over Michael, Seeking The Truth ends. Immediately after you complete this mission, access your phone, search for the Epsilon website and make a donation of $500.

Next, wait for a couple of days to unlock the next mission in the series, named Accepting The Truth.

If you don’t make the donation, the second Epsilon mission remains locked

Accepting The Truth Walkthrough

GTA 5 Accepting The Truth, is another mission included in the Epsilon Series, and as the previous side-mission, it only includes a cutscene.

Assuming that you have donated the $500 on the Epsilon website, you will notice that the Epsilon mark appears on your map. Switch to Michael and drive to its location, and when you reach it, enter the deposit nearby to and you will meet Marnie, the character from Grand Theft Auto 4.

Marnie’s conversation with Michael is interrupted by another character who informs you that if you donate $5,000 you will get a tool that will uncover the secrets of the existence. After the cutscene, you will end up alone in the deposit, and again you have to make a donation.

Access the Epsilon website and donate $5.000, then wait for another day to unlock the next mission in line, named Assuming The Truth.

If you refuse to donate $5.000, you won’t be able to unlock the third Epsilon mission.

Assuming The Truth Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto V Assuming The Truth is longer than the previous two missions you have played in the Epsilon series, because this time Marnie has a special requirement.

After you unlock the mission, drive to the location marked on your map and you will find Marnie meditating. During the cutscene Marnie gives Michael a new name, Zolag. Continue to watch the cutscene and then leave the area.

Moments later you receive a message and you will be asked to find five cars: Pegassi Vacca, Benefactor Surano, Enus Super Diamond, Dinka Double-T and Declasse Tornado. These specific cars must be delivered to a garage in Vinewood, and to complete the mission you have two options: you can find them, or you can buy three of them online.

The cars Marnie wants are quite expensive, but if you have money, you can find them online if you check the San Andreas Super Autos website. Unfortunately, the website sells only three of them: the Enus Super Diamond, the Pegassi Vacca and the Surano. If you decide to order them online, they will be delivered to Michael’s garage.

If you opt not to buy them, and save some money, you should know that after you trigger the mission, these cars can be found faster than before, so all you have to do is to look for them on the streets.

The only exception is the Benefactor Surano which can’t be found in traffic; however you will find one in a parking lot close to the small lake in Vinewood Hills (northern area of the lake).

You can also find the Pegassi Vacca on the small streets in Vinewood Hills, parked in front of a house.

For the Enus Super Diamond, the Dinka Double-T and Declasse Tornado, you will have to look around. As a rule, try not to get too far from the Epsilon garage and always look on the streets with high traffic.

The more cars you find in one place, the more chances you have to find the one you are looking for. Use the message from Marnie to identify the vehicles she wants, then steal them and drive them to the garage. Once parked you will be informed how many cars you have left.

The cars don’t have fixed locations, and they spawn randomly. After you find the fifth car, a new sign appears on your map and you will be able to start the Epsilon mission named Chasing The Truth.

Chasing The Truth Walkthrough

GTA 5 Chasing The Truth is the first rated Epsilon mission in the series, meaning that you can get a 100% completion rate at the end of it.

After you unlock it, meet Marnie in the marked location and you will find her accompanied by Jimmy Boston. Both of them try to find signs of extraterrestrial activity in the area nearby. Marnie asks you to help them find several items using the Jimmy’s detector.

You should be aware that after you get the detector if you start it you will fail to get a gold rating on the mission; however, if you want to find the three items faster, you can use it. The items you are looking for are a TV, a car battery, and a boot, and you can find them relatively fast without using Jimmy’s device.

From your starting position which is next to Marnie and Jimmy move north (forward) and next to a fence you will find the TV. Pay close attention to your controller which starts to vibrate faster when you get close to an item. After you find the TV, turn right and you will see a yellow truck. Go around it and move to the right close to a canal. Look for a large rock and some buses next to the said canal and you will find the battery.

Next, enter the canal and move south, then exit on the other side. Locate three stumps and next to them is the boot. After you get all these items without the detector you will get the objective named Use The Force. Now, exit the area and open your phone to donate $10.000 on the Epsilon website.

Make two donations of $5.000 and soon the Epsilon icon appears on your map indicating that the next mission is available.

If you don’t make the required donation, you won’t be able to play Bearing The Truth.

Bearing The Truth Walkthrough

GTA 5 Bearing The Truth can be a time consuming mission, because after you unlock it, you will have to wear the Epsilon Robes for ten days.

Once you complete the previous mission, a new Epsilon icon appears on your map. Travel to the indicated location and you will find Marnie painting a wall. After you talk to her, she will challenge Michael to wear a suit called the Epsilon Robe for 10 days.

Access your phone and the Epsilon website and buy the said robes which cost $25.000. Once you complete the purchase, head home or play other missions because the robes are delivered after 24 hours. When the robes arrive in your closet (you will receive a message), check the Outfits section and make sure you wear them.  From this moment on, make sure you don’t change Michael’s outfit.

Each time a new day passes in the game, while wearing the Epsilon Suit, you will see a message on the left side of the screen. At this point, you have two options to make the time pass faster. If you have other side-missions or collectibles to find, you can attempt them; but if you don’t, you have to fast forward the in-game time.

The only method to complete the GTA V Bearing The Truth mission faster is to send Michael to sleep (save the game).

Michael sleeps for exactly 6 hours in the game, which means that if you want to make 10 days go fast, you have to save the game 40 times.

At the end of the tenth day a new message will appear on Michael’s phone, informing him that he will be summoned, thus unlocking a new Epsilon mission:  Delivering The Truth.

Delivering The Truth Walkthrough

GTA Delivering the Truth is a rated mission featuring two objectives: Touchdown and Zondar The Bridge. To complete this mission, you have to meet Tom at the location marked on your map.

Tom asks you to take a plane to Jimmy who is waiting for you in Sandy Shore. Enter the plane and takeoff using the road in front of you. For the first objective, Zondar The Bridge you have to fly under a bridge along Lago Zancudo. As you take off, you will see a large bridge on your right side.

Try to use it to complete the Zondar The Bridge objective. If you encounter difficulties, after you takeoff, turn right and use the large area above the ocean to align your plane with the bridge, then fly as low as possible but without touching the water.

Once you cross the bridge, follow the yellow mark on your mini-map to reach Sandy Shore. For the second objective, named Touchdown you must perform a perfect landing, as those you have exercised at the Flight School.

After you land, talk to Jimmy and use his expensive car to leave the area and unlock the Epsilon Mission named Exercising The Truth.

Exercising The Truth Walkthrough

GTA 5 Exercising The Truth is another time consuming Epsilon mission, because to complete it you have to wander five miles through the desert. While there is no alternative method to complete it, there is a trick that can save you from effort.

After you complete the previous assignment, travel to the marked location in Grand Senora Desert and talk to Marnie and other Epsilon members.

Once the cutscene ends, you will be asked to start your pilgrimage in the desert and walk 5 miles. The objective will require effort because it is a long distance to cover, but you won’t be able to finish the mission if you don’t walk all required miles.

If you wish to complete the mission without too much effort on your side, you will have to trick your controller. Using a rubber band, tie the controller’s thumbsticks so Michael can run in a circle. Choose a clear area in the desert so no obstacles can stop him from running continuously.

Now, notice that he moves in a circle, but he is not running. Using a toothpick made of wood, or a similar object that won’t damage your controller, block the running button (A on Xbox 360).

Observe that Michael runs now, and you don’t have to push any buttons. Let Michael run and return to the game later, but be advised that time to time you should check the controller to see if it is still connected to your console.

As soon as you complete the seventh Epsilon mission, Cris will call you and ask for your presence at the Epsilon Center.

Unknowing The Truth Walkthrough

GTA 5 Unknowing The Truth Epsilon mission is the final in the series and it is also rated. Before meeting Cris, make sure that you have $50.000 in your bank account, and that Michael is wearing the Epsilon Suit.

Furthermore, buy an RPG to help you get a gold medal at the end of the mission. Now drive to meet Cris and watch the cutscene revealing that the crook tries to run with your money. At the end of the cutscene, Cris asks you to follow the Epsilon guards and take the money to a chopper.

Stay close to the SUV in front of you and you will arrive at the landing spot in a small parking lot. Park your car, away from the chopper, and using the RPG take down the helicopter with one shot. Now, switch to an assault rifle and kill every Epsilon guard you can see on your mini-map, as fast as you can because the cops will rush in.

When all guards are dead, the Cult Intervention objective is complete. Now, enter the same car you drove earlier and leave the area to escape the cops.

At the end of the final Epsilon mission you will get $2.100.000 as a reward (the money from Cris’ car) and you will be able to start looking for the hidden Epsilon Tracts. The map below reveals all of them.

Grand Theft Auto V Epsilon Tracts Locations Guide

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