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Grand Theft Auto V Josh Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Josh’s Missions or the Real Estate Missions can be activated only while playing as Trevor and only after the story mission named Hang Ten.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Real Estate Missions involve another GTA V Stranger and Freak named Josh. Josh Bernstein is a realtor, but because of his rival, Lenny Avery he lost most of his clients.

Trevor agrees to help Josh in exchange for some small rewards he receives in a motel chamber.

Later Trevor finds out that the woman offering the said services is in fact Josh’s wife. For Josh Bernstein, you have to complete four missions, and all of them are included in the video game guide below.

The guide features hints and strategies that can help you beat all missions you receive from Josh and get a 100% completion at the end of each assignment.

Extra Commission Walkthrough

GTA 5 Extra Commission is the first assignment you receive from Josh, when you encounter him. After Trevor talks to Josh, as you leave the area you will receive a text message from him, asking you to sabotage his rival, Lenny Avery, by destroying 15 For Sale signs.

GTA V Extra Commission is not a rated mission and you won’t be able to get a gold medal at the end of it, but you have to destroy all signs in order to unlock the next mission from Josh. Open the text message you received from Josh and notice the link to Lenny’s website.

Next, access the website, and then the map on the right side of the screen, to display all houses that Lenny is selling. Click on one of them to see some pictures that will help you to identify one of the mansions in front of which a sale sign is located, and then click on the Get Directions button.

This action will mark the shortest path you need to take, on your mini-map. Now, drive to the location on your map and go around the building Lenny sells, looking for a small white sign labeled For Sale. When you find one, you can shoot it, or you can drive over it.

In order to save time, and to track the houses you already visited, you can write down the name of the streets, as they appear on the map from Lenny’s website.

After you destroy the last sign, you will receive a message from Josh, and later the second mission you have to complete for him.

Closing The Deal Walkthrough

Unlike the previous mission, Grand Theft Auto V Closing The Deal is more complicated, because it is a timed mission and to get 100% completion you need to finish two objectives: Pulverizer and Seized.

Before starting GTA 5 Closing The Deal make sure that Trevor owns an assault rifle and a nightstick. Next, meet Josh who will send you to collect your reward for the previous mission. After the cutscene Josh will ask you to teach Lenny Avery a lesson, and Lenny’s position will be marked on your map.

Make sure you steal Josh’s car, because it is fast enough to keep up with Lenny who is driving a green Comet. As you drive down the road to Rockford Hills, you will receive a phone call from Josh who tells you that he informed Lenny about you, which means that your target will try run away.

From the beginning you should know that Lenny’s car is faster than yours, so you will have to shoot his tires or ram him. Additionally, the traffic also plays an important role if you want to catch Lenny in less than 40 seconds, but there is a method you can use to save several seconds. When you are close to Lenny’s location, you will hear Trevor asking for directions.

If you stop and talk to the woman on the street you will lose the momentum, because Lenny’s house is several steps away on the left side of the road. Inside the courtyard you will see the green car you have to chase, but if you stop, it will take time to reach your previous speed.

In other words, you have to rush inside the courtyard and stay close to Lenny. Once on the street you can opt to shoot the tires of his car, but only if you are close enough. You can also try to ram his car as long as you don’t waste time performing too many maneuvers.

After Lenny’s car is stopped, exit your vehicle and switch to the nightstick to get the Pulverizer objective. You are not allowed to kill Lenny. After you beat him, exit the area to complete the mission.

Surreal Estate Walkthrough

GTA 5 Surreal Estate is the third mission you can complete for Josh, and it is triggered soon after you finish the previous one. Once Josh’s icon appears on your map, go to him and collect your reward upstairs. When you exit, Josh will ask you for another favor, and he wants you to set his old house on fire.

Get Josh’s car, and drive to the location on your map, but when you get close to the villa make sure you park your car close to the gate, to make your escape easier. Next, jump over the fence, and go to the backyard where the pool and the grill are located.

Get close to the yellow mark on the ground and select the gasoline canister from your inventory. Keep your eyes on the minimap and make sure you follow the line towards the gate, in order to complete the Pyromaniac objective.

For this objective you have to keep the right trigger pulled all the way, and the small arrow indicating Trevor must always be on top of the marked line.

After you get close to the main gate, you will have to shoot the gasoline trail and escape before the cops arrive. You should consider igniting the trail when you are close to the fence over which you have to jump.

When you reach the street, sprint to your car and leave the area to complete the objective named Out of the Frying Pan.

Breach Of Contract Walkthrough

GTA 5 Breach Of Contract is the last mission you can complete in Josh’s series, and it is also a rated one, but to get the gold medal you have to kill Josh.

Several days after the previous mission, Josh’s icon will appear on your map. Drive to his house and you will find Trevor’s friend surrounded by several cops. Josh tells them that Trevor destroyed his life and the cops will quickly pull out their weapons.

Immediately, switch to an assault rifle, activate Trevor’s ability and take out Josh first, as he is your main target for the Dirty Rat objective.

Next, kill the cops (a three stars wanted level will be activated), then turn around and steal their car which is parked in front of the same mansion.

Lose the cops that will start chasing you while inside the police cruiser, in order to complete the Hot Pursuit objective and the final mission.

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