Final Fantasy XV Van, Interrupted Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Van, Interrupted Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Van, Interrupted Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Abandoned Vehicle location

Final Fantasy XV Van, Interrupted is a FFXV side-quest you can begin after you reach Lestallum and after you complete A Stroll for Two tour quest with Iris.

Van, Interrupted is an accessible quest because the enemies you encounter can be easily defeated; therefore, we suggest you to start it immediately after Burden of Expectation main-quest and A Stroll for Two.

After you take the tour with Iris, check the marketplace in Lestallum and look for a vendor named Prissock.

Talk to him and he will tell you that the truck carrying the merchandise for his store was attacked by monsters and the driver ditched it.

He wants Noctis to find the truck, retrieve the goods, and return them to the store.

Objective: Find the Abandoned Vehicle and Retrieve Its Cargo

After you begin the quest, go back to Regalia and drive to the quest’s location in Cleigne.

When you arrive, follow the stairs near the highway and you will reach the lower area under the highway.

Move along the street towards the marker on your minimap.

As you get close, you will be ambushed by several Killer Bees protecting the van.

When you encounter a Killer Bee in Final Fantasy XV, you should use the following weapons and spells: Swords, Firearms and Fire spells.

All these inflict 120% damage, while the remaining weapons and spells will deal 100% damage, the only exceptions being Lightning and Light spells that inflict only 50%.

The attacks of a Killer Bee can be easily blocked, so focus on this. If the Killer Bees are close to each other try to cast a Fire spell to damage all of them at the same time.

Once the threats in the area are removed, check the back of the red van (pictured above) and pick up the goods (Prissock’s Package x 1).

Objective: Deliver the Cargo to the Proprietor

Return to your car, then fast travel to Lestallum. Next, pay a visit to Prissock and show him the goods you have retrieved, in order to complete the quest.

In exchange for your service, you will receive the rewards below, and you will unlock Van, Interrupted Again side-quest.

Van, Interrupted Quest Info

Description: “A delivery van carrying merchandise for the Prissock General Store was waylaid by monsters. The proprietor asks Noctis to find the stranded van and retrieve its cargo.”

Client: Proprietor (Prissock)

EXP: 2,000

Reward: N/A

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Van, Interrupted Again side-quest.

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