Final Fantasy XV Mind the Trap Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Mind the Trap Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Mind the Trap Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Old Trap location

Final Fantasy XV Mind the Trap is a side-quest you can play by talking to the grandson of Veenon, one of the merchants at Lestallum’s Market.

Mind the Trap is the only side-quest you can start from this character in FFXV, but in order to activate the side-quest, you have to complete Burden of Expectation story-quest and A Stroll for Two tour quest.

Both of them are required if you wish to begin Mind the Trap.

In FFXV, Mind the Trap is a side-quest similar to A Professor’s Protégé, A Professor’s Protégé – Yellow Frogs and The Frogs of Legend, the only difference being that instead of looking for frogs you will look for old traps.

So, here is how to complete Mind the Trap side-quest in Final Fantasy XV.

First, make sure you complete the quests listed above, and then go to the Lestallum market and look for an old vendor and his grandson.

Objective: Track Down the Hunter

After you receive the first objective, travel to Taelpar Rest Area and look for the hunter near some logs close to the parking lot.

The hunter will tell you that some old traps prevent him from delivering the merchandise to the vendor in Lestallum.

Your goal is to remove the old traps.

Objective: Remove Old Traps

There are 5 old traps you have to find and disable in order to complete this objective.

Ride a Chocobo to the location marked on your map (south from your current position). Here is where the old traps are located.

The first one is near a tree, in the middle of the blue area marked on your map.

The second one is located next to a rock close the western edge of the blue circle. Look for it near the Procurement Point (yellow leaf).

Several steps away from the previous one, in the small bushes in front of you (while facing north) is the third old trap.

Look for the fourth old trap in the north-eastern part of the blue area. It’s also hidden in the bushes close to the iron fence.

The last old trap is close to the first one. Look for it while moving north, and you should find it behind some trees.

If you encounter difficulties in following these directions, watch our video guide below.

Once you find all 5 old traps, head back to the hunter first. Talk to him and he will send you to Lestallum.

Objective: Report to the Proprietor’s Grandson

Now, all you have to do is to fast-travel to Lestallum and talk to the boy at the marketplace.

Once you complete the quest, you will receive a discount on all items sold by this vendor.

Mind the Trap Quest Info

Description: “The proprietor of Veenon’s seeks to secure the new supply channels for his merchandise, but the hunter he has engaged, has gone silent. As a fellow hunter, perhaps Noctis can track down the individual.”

Client: Proprietor’s Grandson

EXP: 1,500

Reward: N/A

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Van, Interrupted side-quest.

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