Final Fantasy XV Van, Interrupted Again Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Van, Interrupted Again Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Van, Interrupted Again Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Abandoned Vehicle location

After you complete Burden of Expectation story quest and Van, Interrupted side-quest in Lestallum’s market, you can start a new Final Fantasy XV side-quest named Van, Interrupted Again.

This FFXV side-quest can be started only after you finish Van, Interrupted, because you will have to talk to the same merchant, named Prissock.

Since these quests are quite similar, we suggest you to undertake Van, Interrupted Again the moment you complete Van, Interrupted.

This time, Prissock the merchant will send you to Duscae area to look for another missing van.

Objective: Find the Abandoned Vehicle and Retrieve Its Cargo

Go back to your car, and drive to the marker southeast of Wiz Chocobo Post, or fast travel to the Kettier Highland Parking Spot.

The area you have to reach is close to the road connecting Leide and Duscae.

When you get close to the marker, leave the road and ride the Chocobo towards the objective, looking for another red van like the one pictured above.

As you approach the truck you should see a pack of Voretooths nearby. These monsters must be killed in order to retrieve the cargo.

Remember to use polearms, shields or Ice spells if you wish to defeat the Voretooths faster, then check the back of the truck to pick up Prissock’s Package x 1.

Objective: Deliver the Cargo to the Proprietor

The next step is to return to Lestallum and deliver the second package to Prissock. For completing this quest, you will receive 2,500 EXP and a discount on all goods sold by this vendor.

Prissock’s questline ends when you complete Van, Interrupted, but there are more vendors that need your help. Check our table of contents for additional information on their quests.

Van, Interrupted Again Quest Info

Description: “Yet another delivery can carrying merchandise for the Prissock General Store was waylaid by monsters. The proprietor asks Noctis to find the stranded van and retrieve its cargo.”

Client: Proprietor (Prissock)

EXP: 2,500

Reward: Discount to all items sold by this vendor

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Ace of Carapace side-quest.

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