Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Chichen Itza Diary Pages

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Diary Pages Collectibles Guide

Assassin’s Creed Liberation Diary Pages or Jeanne’s Diary Pages are also collectibles that count for the Collector achievement/trophy, along with the Mushrooms, the Mayan Statuettes and the Alligator Eggs featured in the video game.

Unlike other collectables; however, the Diary Pages in AC Liberation can be found in all areas explored by Aveline: New Orleans, Bayou and Chichen Itza.

Jeanne’s Diary Pages from Assassin’s Creed Liberation contain information about Aveline’s mother, and after you get all of them you will be able to unlock the Smugglers Hat.

When wearing the hat, Aveline receives a 50% discount while buying ammo, thus this special piece of equipment can help you save some money.

The Diary Pages, as most Assassin’s Creed Liberation collectables appear on your maps only when you get close to them; therefore, in order to collect them faster, you should know where to look for them.

The maps below were created in order to reveal the locations of all Diary Pages in AC3 Liberation, while the text guide below explains how to reach them.

The guide follows a specific order since all pages are numbered, meaning that if you missed a page, you can use the maps to find its location.

While there are 30 pages in the game, on the maps you will find only 28, because two of them (Page 1 and Page 30) are story-related and can’t be missed.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Diary Pages Collectibles Guide

Total number of pages: 30

New Orleans: 16

Bayou: 9

Chichen Itza: 5

New Orleans Diary Pages Locations Guide

Diary Page #1

The first Diary Page in Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD is story-related and you can’t miss it. Aveline receives the page from her father upon her return to the de Grandpre mansion, once she questions Dominguez.

Eventually, after a short discussion with Aveline’s father you will be asked to take the first page from the cabinet nearby.

Diary Page #2

The second AC3 Liberation Diary Page is located outside the city. Visit the plantation and look behind the large mansion to locate it on the roof of a small gazebo.

Diary Page #3

For the third diary page, look inside the watchtower located in the upper right corner of the city. Climb the wall to get inside the tower and you will find it in the corner, on the ground.

Diary Page #4

South from the previous page, close to a tailor shop is the fourth page. Make sure you climb the roof and then the chimney to collect it.

Diary Page #5

The fifth page is located on a ledge in in the northern area of the city. Look for the ledge while standing on the roofs of the houses nearby, and jump on it to get the collectible.

Diary Page #6

For the sixth page, visit the western side of the harbor and look for it on top of a warehouse.

Diary Page #7

The seventh Diary Page is New Orleans is fairly easy to retrieve. Locate it using the map above, and then look for it on a roof in front of a small window.

Diary Page #8

South from the large fort in the upper left corner of the map is the eighth AC3 Liberation Diary Page. It is on top of a water tower similar to a large barrel.

Diary Page #9

The ninth Diary Page in New Orleans is inside the large fort, and on the upper wall that surrounds it. To get it you have to infiltrate the fort, using the Slave Persona.

Diary Page #10

For the tenth AC Liberation Diary Page you have to locate the church in the middle of the city, and then get on the roof. Next, climb the tallest tower and the large cross to find the page on top of it.

Diary Page #12

AC 3 Diary Page #12 on the map below is located on the roof of a square building. It is an accessible collectible and can be retrieved by climbing the building.

Diary Page #14

In the lower left corner of the map below you will find Diary Page #14. The collectible is located on a ship stationed in the harbor.

To retrieve the collectable, use the mast in the middle to ascend, then the catwalks to get close to the page.

Diary Page #17

In the lower right corner of the map you will find Page #17. When you get close to it, look for a pigeon coop near the wall that surrounds New Orleans. The page is on the roof of the said coop.

Diary Page #19

For Diary Page #19 marked on the map, you have to climb the large church in the eastern side of New Orleans. The page is easy to retrieve, because it is on the roof.

Diary Page #21

Page 21 is very close to the second page. Check the roof of the large mansion located east of New Orleans, inside the plantation.

Diary Page #23

Another accessible collectable is Diary Page #23 located inside a shed. You will find it on the ground behind a house. After you get the page, travel to Bayou.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD New Orleans Diary Pages

Bayou Diary Pages Locations Guide

Diary Page #11

Diary Page #11 is close to the camp where Aveline meets her mentor. Move south and look for a tree trunk. Near the water is the entrance that allows you to get inside and retrieve the page.

Diary Page #13

South from the main camp in northern Bayou is the 13th Dairy Page. It is also inside a tree, which is located on a small hill. The entrance is covered by a bush.

Diary Page #15

South-west from the large fort in the northern section of Bayou is Diary Page 15. When you get close to it, look for a large tree trunk near the water and go around it to find a hole that allows you to enter and get the collectable.

Diary Page #16

When you enter Bayou using the southern fast-travel point, check the lower left corner of the map for Diary Page 16. You will find it on the ground, under a tree and inside a coffin.

Diary Page #18

North from the smaller camp in the southern area of Bayou, is another page, as marked on the map above. Jeanne’s Diary Page 18 is also on the ground, behind a hill and a bush.

Diary Page #20

North-east from the main camp or in the upper right corner of the map is the 20th AC 3 Liberation Diary Page. As most pages in Bayou, the collectible is inside the trunk of a tree, next to a Mayan shrine.

Diary Page #22

Diary Page #22 is in the central area of Bayou, near the main road. Look for it on the ground, next to a tree.

Diary Page #24

Page #24 is north-east from Page 11 and it is also located inside the trunk of a tree.

Diary Page #25

Several steps away from Page 18, while moving north, you will find Diary Page #25. The collectible is inside a tree. Remain on the ground and move around the tree to locate the entrance.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Bayou Diary Pages

Chichen Itza Pages Locations Guide

Diary Page #26

The next page you can collect is Diary Page 26, in the northern side of Chichen Itza, close to the restricted area. The collectable is inside a small chamber on top of the Mayan Temple near the main road. Look for it behind the round pillar.

Diary Page #27

Page 27 in Chichen Itza can be found on top of the large Mayan Temple in the southern area. Ascend the temple and look for it inside the small chamber on the roof of the structure.

Diary Page #28

After you collect the previous page, on the right side of the same platform you will find Page 28, on a wooden platform.

Diary Page #29

Page 29 is just across the street from Page 26. As you descend the temple, you will find it behind a bush, close to a structure made by slaves. The said building has no walls.

Diary Page #30

The final Diary Page belonging to Jeanne’s is a story-related collectible. You will acquire it automatically, while playing Trail Of Truth, or Sequence 4 – Memory 5. After you collect all of Jeanne’s Diary Pages, you will unlock The Smuggler’s Hat for Aveline.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Chichen Itza Diary Pages

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