Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Walkthrough

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Plot Missions Guide

Along with the Contracts, and the Detective Missions, the Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Plot Missions are persona-specific tasks you can complete in New Orleans, but unlike the first two, they are available exclusively to the Lady Persona.

The video game features five Plot Missions, and all of them are required for the Secret Lives achievement/trophy.

While playing them you will be able to follow a separate story in which Aveline is involved, and eventually, reveal the person responsible for kidnapping her.

The following Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Plot Missions strategy guide includes five walkthroughs which offer useful tips and hints on how to finish all missions in the series, and how to get 100% synchronization while playing them

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Plot Missions Guide

New Orleans -– Plot Mission 1: Barely Made It

Mission Description: “”Aveline, pleas meet me at the doks. It’s urgent! Gerald””

Barely Made It is the first AC3 Liberation Plot Mission in the series, and it is triggered in the western area of New Orleans, where you will receive a letter from a slave.

Start the memory and read the letter, then open your map to locate the meeting point, several streets away from your current location. Eventually, when you reach the required location, you will be ambushed and end up inside a warehouse. Next, open the inventory and equip the hidden blades to cut the ropes.

Open the door, to enter the next area, where you will see a guard. Kill the target using the parasol gun, or any other weapon, and then open the next door to trigger a QTE (quick-time event). As you exit the warehouse, Aveline is attacked by a bear and to finish the mission, you must survive the attack and kill the beast. The QTE consists in several key combinations that appear on your screen.

When you press B (on Xbox 360), or O (on PlayStation) Aveline evades an upcoming attack, while the next button allows her to strike. Each combination starts with B or O, followed by an attack.

You must evade and attack eight times in order to kill the bear. When the creature is dead, open the highlighted gate and leave the area.

New Orleans -– Plot Mission 2: Payback

Mission Description:“My informants have located those responsible for the assault. You can find them near the old church. Be careful! Gerald””

Payback is the second AC 3 Liberation HD Plot mission and it follows the events that occurred during the previous mission. After you escape the attack, locate the icon indicating that you can start a new Plot mission and you will find another slave.

Pick up the letter from Gerald, and you will notice that the search zone where you have to find the muggers is just across the street. Look around for a hole in the wooden fence, and cross the courtyard, and then turn right while the Eagle Vision is activated.

The muggers are near the large wooden wall that surrounds the city. To complete the mission, you have to kill two targets. If you want to remain undetected, you can use the berserk darts and the guards nearby will do the rest.

New Orleans -– Plot Mission 3: Breadcrumbs

Mission Description: “”Aveline, we need more information to track down those who attacked you. You must go back to the place where you were ambushed and search for more clues. Sincerely yours, Gerald.””

Breadcrumbs, is a short and accessible persona-specific side mission, but to unlock it you have to beat all previous assignments in The Plot series.

Breadcrumbs is accessed by Aveline’s Lady Persona at a pigeon coop, where she receives a letter from Gerald, who is asking her to return to the place where she was ambushed, in the south-western corner of the map. To beat the side-mission, all you have to do is to travel to the green area and activate the Eagle Vision.

Make sure you spot the axe near the large water tower, and analyze it by pulling the left trigger. Now, turn around and analyze de musket near the wall. When both weapons are analyzed, the mission ends and you will unlock the next one in line.

New Orleans -– Plot Mission 4: Bon Voyage

Mission Description: ““The kidnappers were in the service of a notorious mercenary captain. He is currently aboard the Duchess and will sail on the dawn tide. Sincerely yours, Gerald.””

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Bon Voyage is the fourth mission in the series, and to complete it you have to kill a mercenary captain. Following Gerald instructions, and wearing the Lady Outfit, head to the harbor and enter the search area (green).

The captain is at the end of the dock talking to some of his lackeys. To complete the mission and remain undetected use as many berserk darts as you can, not only on the captain, but also on the soldiers on the pier leading to the ship. Stay away from them while they kill each other, and when you are sure that you can’t be spotted, loot the captain’s corpse to retrieve a letter with the following message:

““Your bear stunt was costly and disappointing. Do not fail me again! B.“”

New Orleans -– Plot Mission 5: Old Friend

Mission Description: “”The handwriting matches! It seems that Bouche has been behind this plot all along. Recently we noticed strange activity around his old warehouse. I’m certain you’ll find him there. Sincerely yours, Gerald.””

The Old Friend Plot mission is triggered north from Aveline’s HQ, by talking to a slave who gives you a letter from Gerald. After you receive the letter, all you have to do is to pay Bouche a visit at this warehouse, located south-west from your current location.

To complete the mission and get full synch you have to kill Bouche while remaining undetected. The moment you reach the entrance to his warehouse, switch to a berserk dart and go left to see your target accompanied by two guards. Aim your parasol at Debouche and shoot the dart.

The two soldiers will kill him, while you can maintain a safe distance, thus remaining undetected.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Walkthrough
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