Fable Anniversary Birthday Gift Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Birthday Gift Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary begins with the quest named Birthday Gift. The quest is given automatically by the main character’s father. He tells you that it’s your sister’s birthday and you need to buy her a present.

You don’t have any money, but he will give you a gold piece for each good deed you do around Oakvale. There are many things to do in Fable Anniversary, and most of them have a good side and a bad side.

However, our complete Fable Anniversary walkthrough is focused solely on the good path that you can follow in the videogame.

Fable Anniversary Birthday Gift story quest is explained in the guide below, which reveals how you can do all the good deeds to please your father.


Money: 3-4


In Oakvale there are four people who need can help (be careful to your answers according to the alignment you wish to pursue), represented by green dots.

Regardless of your course of action, for each deed will receive a gold piece. The birthday present only costs three of them, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra money.

Follow the path to the center of the town and you should meet a little girl real quick (if you wait long enough she may be in another place in town). She lost her teddy bear and she asks you to help her. The teddy bear is on the other side of the town, so for now head right, behind the house (see the green dot on the mini-map).

There is a man here that is cheating on his wife. Speak to him, but do not accept his bribe. Instead, follow the path and search for a woman across the vendor’s location. She is his wife, so inform her about his action to complete your first good deed. Around the house where the merchant is located, you can perform another good deed. The farmer that is here asks you to keep a watch on his barrels while he is away. Simply stand between the crates until he returns (ignore the child that teaches you how to do a bad deed).

Leave the place and go on the road to your right to find a little boy that is bullied by an older boy. Beat up the bully to get a good deed point. If you do this the little boy will give you the lost teddy bear that the girl asked for earlier. Return it to her to complete the good deed.

You can now go to your father to receive the promised money. After that, speak with the merchant to get the chocolates for three gold pieces.

Then go on the path past the tree and under the bridge to find your sister playing next to the scarecrow. Give her the gift then wait for the cutscene. The bandits attack the village, but when the path is clear you should return to your house following the only available path that’s left, over the bridge.

You will trigger another cutscene and then you will teleport to the Heroes’ Guild.

Fable Anniversary Birthday Gift Walkthrough

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