Wolfenstein: The New Order A Mystery Map #1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 7 Collectibles Locations

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 7, called A Mystery, begins after you manage to secure the three prototype helicopters in London Nautica.

Apart from the helicopters, Blazkowicz discovered something else inside the London Nautica research facility. He found artifacts and parchments that reveal information about the Da’at Yichud technology.

The team must analyze the documents to see if there’s something that can help them.

Chapter 7 takes place in the resistance headquarters, but this time you have a bigger area to explore.

The collectibles are therefore found in the new area as well, but the Wolfenstein: The New Order collectibles guide includes all of them.

Chapter 7 Mission Details

“We’re back home. Got the helicopters secured. Found something potentially even more important – artifacts and parchments inscribed with ancient Hebrew text. The Da’at Yichud.

What the hell is it? Some kind of cult? Are they still around? More importantly, what they can do for us?”

Letter: 1

Gold: 1

Health Upgrade: 1

Record: 1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 7 Collectibles Guide

Letter (Bobby’s Letter)

When the chapter starts you are standing next to Anya. Turn around and head for the bed that’s behind the round table to get the Letter collectible.

Health Upgrade

To get the Health Upgrade go to the second floor and sleep in your bed. It will appear on the night table after you wake up.


After you fall in the sewers while searching for the circular saw follow the path until you need to destroy the automated gun. Then go through the broken part of the metal bars and soon you will reach a storage room.

There are many shelves in the room, and on one of them you can find the Record collectible. If you head right after you exit the room you can get the Reflection upgrade for the LKW weapon.

Gold (Gold Ashtray)

When you destroy the second automated gun you reach a larger sewer tunnel. Deal with the drones that attack you and head straight to the drainage hole.

Use the gap in the railing to jump down inside a small pipe and then climb the stairs to collect the Gold piece that’s sitting on the oil barrel.

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