Top 3 Movies That Will Give You Nightmares While Sleeping

The horror genre is well developed in cultures all over the world, but the movie industry managed to create several bone-chilling masterpieces that impress throughout generations. Even though the latest movies benefit from special effects and lots of wonderful computer-generated content, nothing compares to some of the most horrific movies ever made in the history of the cinema.
So, if you are a fan of the genre and you want something to give you nightmares, I did a bit of research and made a top three of the best scariest movies of all times. Still, I have to warn you: these are not for the faint of heart!
#1: The Exorcist
If you’re looking for something to keep you up a few nights in a row and to never shut down the lights at night, The Exorcist is the perfect movie for you! The movie is based on the book The Exorcist and they are both life-altering creations.
While the story may not seem that impressive (a young girl possessed by Satan), the movie was designed to scar viewers deep, reaching into their soul and touching their darkest fears. It makes the idea of pure evil and the afterlife punishment so real that people who actually believe in these things are forever changed.
The thing that makes this movie so good (even by today’s standard) is the number of layers you discover. If you ignore the gruesome effects (which is difficult to do), you’ll find the classic battle between light and dark. Innocence and evil get mixed together, creating a wonderful horror story that most people can only see once in a lifetime.
#2: The Shining
The Shining is another book adaptation that made legend for the horror genre. While the movie was released in 1980, it is still scary to see and I guarantee you won’t be able to watch it and sleep with your lights OFF afterward.
The story is again threaded around an evil spirit that manages to possess a man who is on vacation to an isolated hotel with his family. From here, the intrigue thickens as the son is psychic and sees all sorts of horrible stuff that happened in the hotel over the years.
Still, the true genius of the movie doesn’t necessarily stand in the story as it stands in the filming technique and the ingenious use of music and long shots. The cool thing is that The Shining is both horrifying and funny, bringing two opposite genres together in a masterpiece.
#3: A Nightmare on Elm Street
Who doesn’t know Freddy Krueger and his general unappealing aspect? A Nightmare on Elm Street invades our dreams and takes away one of the fundamental pleasures of our life: sleep. The fact that the monster only shows up in people’s sleep is scary enough, but you’re also faced with the impossibility of fighting it off. If in the first two movies I described, the monster can be stopped by sending the evil entity away, with Krueger things are different.
But be warned; once you watch this, Freddy may show up in your dreams and give you nightmares! It happened to a lot of fans, but the experience is different from person to person.
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