5 Black Friday Deals Every Gamer Should Know About

This week, many families are gearing up for Thanksgiving. But savvy gamers who are short on cash have our own holiday to look forward to: Black Friday is less than a week away. If you struggle to fund your gaming addiction – or if you’re just a gamer who loves a good deal – don’t miss out on these five Black Friday deals.

If Mario Odyssey isn’t in your budget this year, you can always try buying the gamer in your life a sentient hat and seeing how that goes over.

Kohl’s Doorbuster Sale

Kohl’s probably isn’t where you’d expect to find one of the best console deals of the season. But for $199.99 you could get your hands on a brand new PS4, or an Xbox One S for $189.99. You might be able to find similar deals at other stores. The release of the Xbox One X and One S has led to deep deals on the other side of the aisle, with PS4’s abundantly cheap this Black Friday. But nowhere else will you get so much money back on your purchase. With the purchase of an Xbox One S, Kohl’s is offering $45 in Kohl’s Cash to be spent on other Kohl’s items, with an offer of $60 Kohl’s Cash with the PS4. This sweet deal just got a little sweeter. You check out their ad here.

I’m sure you’re ready to put down some major “green” to have this green block of plastic in your life, eh?? Ehhhh???

Nintendo 2DS Zelda Edition

The year of Zelda continues, this time with the release of Nintendo’s brand new Zelda-edition 2DS. The “Link-tunic” green 2DS comes pre-installed with Ocarina of Time, and can be found for $80 at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and GameStop. While you’re at Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, keep your eyes peeled for the Nintendo Switch – all three stores have advertised that they’ll have the Switch in stock for Black Friday.

I don’t have any proof this screenshot is doctored but I mean…come on. *NO* DUPES?

Best Buy’s Bundles

To get the most bang for your buck, you might head over to Best Buy, where you’ll not only find tons of games on sale for Black Friday, but also two great bundles. The first: the $229.99 Xbox One S Madden bundle, which includes a copy of Madden NFL 18 and a free controller with the purchase of a console. The second: the Occulus Rift bundle, on sale for $349.00 ($150 off the original purchase price).

What’s really surprising is that in the Year of Our Lord 2017, Gamestop isn’t paying *YOU* to take their full stock of reused Xbox 360s off their hands.

GameStop’s $0 Xbox 360

GameStop will offer many of the same deals as its competitors on games and consoles. But for those gamers who are truly struggling, it may have one of the best console deals on the market: a pre-owned Xbox 360 for $0 with mail-in rebate. GameStop is also having a 25% off sale of all apparel, toys, drinkware, and statues, and definitely remains the best place for all geeky gaming merch.

This Sonic game isn’t available on the Sega Genesis, but if you’re a Sonic fan that might be for the best.

Sega Genesis on Groupon

For gamers hankering for the sweet Black Fridays of yesteryear, fear not – Groupon has your back. The deal-of-the-day recommendation service is offering a deal on the Sega Genesis, yours for only $39.99. The console comes with 81 built-in games, including Mortal Kombat and the Sonic series. The system also comes with a top slot to play those Sega Genesis cartridges you’ve been too dedicated to part with.

Any article about money demands an image of Tony Stark, but I genuinely feel this one is way too wholesome.

More Great Deals

Discounts are abundant this Black Friday: you can find cheap console controllers at many retailers, including Amazon and ToysRUs; both IGN and GameSpot have put together exhaustive lists of the games you can get on the cheap; if you’ve been dreaming of a new gaming PC, a new monitor, a VR headset or any other gaming hardware, Polygon has you covered. So gamers, rejoice! And don’t forget to save a little money for Cyber Monday.

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