Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough – Chapter 1

You will start the game by choosing your hero and the difficulty mode. Lord of the Rings: War in the North features three playable characters: Farin, Andriel and Eradan.

Keep in mind that each character has its own unique abilities and skills.

Also remember that in the single-player mode, you can always switch between characters, without restarting the game, but you have to exit the game, or to reach specific portals that allow you to travel between different zones.

This Lord of the Rings: War in the North walkthrough was created while playing as Eradan, the Dunedain Ranger.

After you choose your character, press start and watch the introductory movie and a small story told by Gandalf.

You will be automatically transported to Bree where you will meet Aragorn who is waiting for Frodo. Watch the cutscene because you will meet some of your enemies. Aragorn will also give you your first quest and he will ask you to travel to the ruined city of Fornost.

Zone: Bree

Main Quest: Fornost

When the cutscene ends, approach Aragorn and talk to him, and he will give you additional information. After you talk to Aragorn, investigate the location.

You can talk to Tedder Hedgerow who will ask you several riddles. If you know the correct answers you can win some money. If not, you will lose them.

Approach the fireplace and talk to Otto Aster to receive a new quest: Forewarned is Forearmed. Otto wants you to persuade a Dwarf merchant to supply the town with weapons.

Side Quest: Forewarned is Forearmed

Exit the Prancing Pony and go right. You will see a cart up on a hill and in front you will find Grof. Ask him to bring weapons to Bree, and then return to Otto Aster to complete the quest. Otto will also inform you that he is willing to buy any weapons you don’t need.

After you complete the quest, go behind the bar and near the stairs you will meet Rowlie Appledore. Talk to him and listen to his love-story. He will give you a locket and you will also receive a new quest: Rowlie Gift.

Side Quest: Rowlie Gift

Exit the Prancing Pony and go right and then left, to find Elmud Brushwood, the blacksmith. Ask him to repair Rowlie’s locket and pay him.

Go left until you reach Grof’s cart then look to the right, where you will see Idona standing on a porch. Talk to her and tell her how much Rowlie loves her, then give her the locket. Now, return to Rowlie Appledore and tell him the good news, in order to complete the quest.

When you complete these tasks, you can leave Bree.

Exit the Prancing Pony, go right and move forward until you reach a large gate. In front of it is a glowing sign. Approach and proceed through the gate. A map will show up and you have to select your destination. Choose Fornost and press A to travel.

Zone: Fornost: Main Gate

Watch the cutscene and follow the road. You can’t get los here, but stay alert because you will encounter several goblins.

Make sure you use them as training dummies to learn the controls and how to fight.

Follow the stairs until you reach some ruins. Kill the goblins and investigate the area. Don’t forget to destroy the barrels on the right, because you will find some gold there. When the area is cleared proceed through the glowing sign.

In the next area you will encounter more goblins and some archers. Kill the archers first and clear the area. Pay attention to Farin, because he will tell you when a gate opens. At this point, more goblins will appear. Kill them too.

When the area is secured, explore it. On the right side, climb the ruins and go right, to find a secret area. If you look on the ground you will see some glowing footprints. Follow them and when you reach a wall, press inspect to discover a hidden treasure. Loot the items and destroy all barrels and crates.

More chests containing valuable items can be found on the other side of the courtyard. Make sure you check the area and don’t forget to equip your heroes with the items you find.

When the area is cleared advance through the gate opened by goblins, and go left. Follow the corridor and eventually the ground will crack and you will fall. Your main objective will change.

Main Quest: Escape the underground tunnels

Advance through the tunnels and you will reach a large area, where you will be attacked by several goblins. Take them out and then go downstairs.

Approach the glowing sign and get ready for a fight because you will encounter a large number of goblins.

Focus on the archers first, and if you take too much damage, stay near Andriel, because she will cast a shield that will protect and heal you.

Kill all goblins in the area, and then explore it. There are many chests on the ground and some upstairs. Most of them are buried and they look like trash. Approach them and press A to loot them.

Equip the items and go upstairs and go right, through a small entrance. Make sure you explore the right side and you will find another chest.

When you are ready to proceed, move forward through the glowing sign.

Watch the cutscene and you will see several goblins fighting a large eagle (Beleram). You must free the eagle in order to advance in the game.

Try to reach Beleram and hit the chains to set him free. You must destroy four chains and then you have to kill all enemies.

When all goblins are dead, Beleram will show up and a dialogue will start. Beleram will tell you that he serves Gwaihir and he was captured because he was careless. He also tells you that the goblins built war machines and you must destroy them so he can fly around and help you. The objective of your primary quest will change and you will unlock the Friend to the Eagles Trophy/Achievement.

Main Quest: Make your way to the battlements

Make sure you explore the area, and then advance through the gate. Go upstairs and you will see a portal which allows you to travel to Bree. To the left is another portal which allows you to advance in this area.

You can travel to Bree or you can move forward. You can also switch characters here.

Zone: Fornost: Battlements

Main Quest: Destroy the War Machines

When you reach the wall move forward and get ready for a fight. You will encounter several goblins, archers and a goblin sorcerer. Take the last one out as soon as possible, then the archers on the other side of the bridge.

The goblin may drop a scroll and you will start a new quest called Cult of the Lidless Eye.

Near the sorcerer is the first War Machine. Push it and then cross the bridge.

Kill the goblins and explore this area. There is a chest to the left, near the second War Machine and one to the right. Loot everything, and then push the second War Machine off the wall.

Continue through the gate that opens and kill more goblins. Focus on sorcerers and archers first, and if you need help you can call Beleram (press LT or RT and A). He will drop from the sky and grab a goblin.

When this area is cleared, look to the left for a chest and pick up the items, then advance through the gate to complete this zone.

Zone: Fornost: Outer Wards

Main Quest: Find the sons of Elrond

The next area in the game is Outer Wards.

You will see Beleram in front of you. Approach him and a dialogue starts. After you talk to Beleram you will see another portal that can teleport you to Bree. The same portal can be used to sell or buy items.

If you decide to continue without visiting Bree, follow the path to the right, because you need to find the sons of Elrond.

Move forward, then right and up on the stairs until you see a large wooden gate. Take out all goblins in the area, including the archers on the gate, and then explore the zone.

There is a hidden treasure, to the right, near the stairs, and behind a wall covered by green plants. When all treasures are secured, approach the wooden gate and call Beleram to destroy it.

Advance but be careful because in the next zone you will have to defeat many goblins and some of them can be found behind turrets, which inflict massive damage. Call Beleram to take out those goblins, and then rush forward and mount one of the turrets. Kill all archers and all remaining troops, including those which appear on the walls.

Explore the area, especially the ruins on the right side of the central turret, because you will find another secret area and a chest. The chest contains a tome which starts a new quest, called The Seer’s Words.

When you have acquired all treasures, follow the stairs on the other side and approach the glowing sign to advance.

You will enter a small round chamber and your objective will change:

Main Quest: Slay the Troll

The troll is a powerful creature, but not a smart one. To defeat him, you must focus on staying on your feet, because if he hits you, he will knock you down.

Dodge all the time and if you have enough arrows aim for the troll’s head, for increased damage.

If you run out of arrows hit him from behind, and try to build up some power.

The troll will be focused on hitting your companions, but from time to time, he will charge and come close to you.

Avoid his attacks by dodging, and you will have no problems during this fight.

When he dies, your objective will change again.

Main Quest: Seek out Agandaur

Press A and watch the cutscene. You will meet Elrohir and Elladan, the sons of Elrond.

Talk to them and you will receive additional information regarding Agandaur’s location.

When the dialogue ends, you will unlock the Elf-friend Achievement/Trophy.

Zone: Fornost: Inner Wards

Main Quest: Find a route to the citadel

In the next area, follow Elrohir and Elladan and try to reach the turret. Take out all goblins you see, and eventually, Elrohir and Elladan will ask you to find another route in the citadel.

When they leave, mount the turret and focus your fire on the goblins coming down the path in front of you. Some archers will appear on the walls. Take them out as soon as possible.

When all enemies are killed a door behind you will open. Dismount the turret and kill the goblins that appear, and then investigate the zone.

Exit through the gate opened by goblins, then move forward and then left. Take out the goblin sappers before they reach you then look around and you will see a glowing sign on a damaged wall, right near the entrance. It marks a secret treasure.

Move forward and take out all sappers. Eventually, you will reach a dead end. On the ground, near a wall you will see an explosive barrel. Fire an arrow to create a hole in the wall and kill the sappers.

Advance through the glowing sign.

When you enter the next zone, go left and follow the footsteps to find a hidden treasure.

Pick it up and then return to the main path. You will see a goblin sorcerer who casts a shield that will protect a turret.

Sprint forward and then follow the stairs to the left, near the turret, to reach the sorcerer. Kill all goblins there, and then look around for a lever. Pull it and immediately mount the turret because a horde of goblins will attack you.

Take them out and proceed through the gate downstairs.

While standing on the next bridge, be ready to face a large number of goblins, coming from both ways. Kill the sappers before they reach you, using your bow.

The next gate will open only when all enemies are dead.

Continue over the bridge and destroy the tower in the next area, by blowing up the explosive barrel you see on it.

When the tower falls it will create a ramp and you will be able to move up. Follow this path and you will find a lever which opens the gate, but don’t forget to look around for chests and barrels.

Go back down and move forward through the gate you opened.

When you enter the next area, mount the turret immediately, because more goblins will attack you. Make sure you fire as fast as you can, otherwise you will be overwhelmed.

Kill them all and the next gate will open.

To enter the citadel, clear the next area, but start with the goblin sorcerer. When all enemies are dead, enter the citadel through the glowing sign.

Zone: Fornost: The Citadel

Main Quest: Fight your way to the citadel gate

When you enter the Citadel, go left and take out the goblin who controls the turret, then get ready for a fight.

On the left side you will see a wall and a horde of goblins will appear, including sappers. Try to use those as mines to dispatch multiple enemies at the same time.

When Farin tells you that the next gate is opened, get ready to fight against a sorcerer. Approach the gate and kill him fast or he will summon a shield to protect his allies. Take out the rest of the goblins and enter through the gate.

Look to the left because there is a chest containing valuable items, and then go right and cross the bridge.

Take out the sorcerer and all the goblins that appear in the next area.

Don’t forget to use your special moves to gain extra experience and level up faster.

The goblins will open a door for you and after you kill all of them, you can advance.

Follow the stairs up, and in front of you, to the right you will find a chest.

Pick up all items inside and then, approach the glowing rune to continue.

Watch the cutscene and get ready!

While Elrohir and Elladan try to break the spell that protects the gate, you must defend them.

The number of goblins that attack you is large, and at the end of the fight you also have to defeat a Troll.

The goblins will attack you in waves coming from one side or another. Stay on top of the stairs and don’t let your enemies get near Elrohir and Elladan. Use finishing attacks to kill your enemies faster and gain more experience.

When the Troll appears, dodge and use your bow to attack him from distance. Aim for the head and fire as fast as you can to keep him distracted.

The only way to enter the citadel is to kill the Troll. When he dies, Elrohir and Elladan will break the spell and the gate will open.

Watch the cutscene and enter the citadel.

Main Quest: Find Agandaur within the citadel

When you enter Agandaur’s citadel you have two options:

You can travel to Bree using the portal on the left.

You can continue your journey.

If you wish to sell your items, or switch characters, you can use the portal.

Otherwise, you can continue your adventure, by looking to the right. There you will see a chest and some barrels. Pick up the items and equip them, then follow the stairs up. Elrohir and Elladan will show you the way.

Eventually, you will reach a sealed gate. Open it only when you are ready to fight some goblins and Agandaur’s captain, an orc named Tharzog.

Watch the cutscene showing Agandaur’s and Tharzog. Your objective will now change.

Main Quest: Defeat Tharzog and his guards

Tharzog is a powerful orc and his attacks are devastating.

To defeat him you must dodge all the time and hit him from behind or from distance.

When he raises his sword, dodge and then strike. You can also attack him from distance, but be careful because his guards spawn constantly and they will attack you.

If your health drops and you run out of potions, get near Andriel and she will protect you.

After you defeat Tharzog, kill the remaining guards and you will unlock a new achievement/trophy: Tharzog’s Bane.

Explore the room and then proceed through the marked door.

Watch the cutscene showing Elrond’s sons fighting Agandaur in the Tower of the Citadel.

When the cutscene ends you will be asked to travel to another destination: San Ford.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough
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