Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Final Battle

Players, who have completed the Blowin’ the Dam chapter in Duke Nukem Forever, will be able to access the final level of the game, called Final Battle.

This chapter is shorter than the rest, since it includes only a boss fight, against the Cycloid Emperor; however players should know that this battle has three phases.

Below, is the Duke Nukem Forever: Final Battle game guide, which teaches players how to defeat this boss, and finish the game.

Our guide includes tips and tricks that can be used against the Cycloid Emperor.

The final chapter of the game starts with a cutscene, featuring the President who gives you a golden pistol.

When the Cycloid Emperor appears, he will kill the President and you must defeat the Emperor.

The only weapon you have is the pistol you received from the President.

You will notice that this weapon has no effect on the boss, but from time to time, a dropship appears carrying Pigcops.

Since the Pigcops are equipped with RPGs, killing them is vital.

Use the pistol you received to take them down then grab the RPG and use it on the Cycloid Emperor.

When you run out of ammo kill another Pigcop.

It is important to stay mobile all the time, in order to avoid the Emperor’s attacks and the rockets fired by Pigcops.

The fight has three phases, and a phase ends after you complete a series of quick events, but to be able to do this, the Emperor must be down.

During the second phase, several Assault Commanders will join the fight. You can use the RPG against them too, if you like, but keep moving.

Don’t forget to kill the Pigcops and damage the Emperor.

When the third phase starts, a chopper will drop a supply crate. Inside, is the Devastator and ammo.

Pick the Devastator and keep firing at everything that moves. When you run out of ammo, return to the supply crates.

After the Emperor is down for the third time, complete the quick events, and another chopper will appear, ready to pick you up.

Grab the President’s hand and watch the cutscene.

Congratulations! You completed Duke Nukem Forever !

Note: Watch the credits to unlock the Special Thanks Achievement/Trophy, and to see Duke’’s conference.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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