Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Rites For A Goddess Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Rites For A Goddess is a main-quest triggered as soon as you find the four digits that form the code to open the gates of the Forsaken Graveyard in Luxerion.

Unlike the previous main-quest, named Find The Code, Rites For A Goddess, is focused on fighting a large number of demons; therefore, before entering the area north from Forsaken Graveyard, you should buy some potions and improve Lightning’s Schematas.

The area behind the said gate is Sinner’s Corner, and all enemies you will encounter until you complete your objective, are weak against lightning-based attacks, so make sure that on each Schemata you have at least one lightning-based attack assigned.

Quest Details

Description: “The gate to the Forsaken Graveyard where the heretics gather stands open. It now seems clear that the Children of Etro are behind the calls for the savior’s death. The rites have already begun and the heretics may be murdering another young woman on this very moment. Lightning cannot afford to delay. It is time to bring an end to the heretics’ deadly games.”

Location: Luxerion

Difficulty: N/A

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 1-3: Find The Code

Failable: No

Rewards: N/A

Quest Walkthrough

Your objective in this quest, is extremely easy to complete, since all you have to do is to reach the monument located in the north-western section of  Sinner’s Corner; but, while advancing you will be attacked by multiple enemies.

You have to remember that it is better to kill as many as you can, instead of trying to run away, because all demons drop valuable materials, and you will need them to complete a large number of Canvas of Prayers Quests in Luxerion.

As you enter, head north and follow the only path available because it will take you to a Monument. The first enemies are weak, being Gremlins, but as you advance, more powerful enemies spawn.

First you will encounter Gaunts, which are mid-scale chaos beasts. Their weakness is lightning; therefore all spells in this class have an effect on them. Remember that you have to stagger your enemy to increase Lightning’s efficiency with all attacks.

When fighting a Gaunt, cast the following spells: Thundara, Sparkstrike, Thunder, and try to attack the moment the Gaunt is attacking you, but also guard the the beast’s attacks.

The most powerful enemy in this area is the Zomok, which is a large-scale feral creature similar to Zaltys, encountered during A Different Snow quest.

The Zomok is also vulnerable to lightning-based attacks such as those mentioned above, and you can stagger it using the same tactics as those used against Gaunts; however, to increase the time during which you enemy is downed, you should aim for the beast’s head, using physical attacks.

As you advance the enemies increase in number; but don’t forget that you also need a large number of materials for side-quests. The moment you reach the monument, you will trigger a new cutscene, showing Noel and Lightning.

After the cutscene, turn right and on the ground, near the monument you will see a glowing item. It is the Crest of Etro, and you need it to play the fifth main-quest in Luxerion: Hunter In Light And Shadow.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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