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L.A. Noire Game Guide: Patrol Cases Walkthrough

In L.A. Noire, the first set of cases that will require Cole Phelps’s presence, are given while he is a police officer in the LAPD Patrol Department; therefore these cases are also known as Patrol Cases.

The L.A. Noire Patrol Cases are also used to familiarize players with the game’s basics, and after Cole Phelps solves them all, he is automatically promoted to Detective and moved to the Traffic Department.

In the Patrol Department, Cole Phelps receives help from Ralph Dunn, but players should know that during the game, Cole’s partners will change.

The L. A. Noire Patrol Cases guide below reveals some of the cases that must be solved by players in order to advance in the game.

Armed & Dangerous

Armed & Dangerous is one of the Patrol Cases that must be solved by players in L.A Noire. Unlike other cases, in the game, Armed & Dangerous features multiple shooting scenes that take place in a bank.

Cole Phelps and Ralph Dunn are called at the Westlake Savings & Loans to investigate a robbery, but as soon as they arrive they are engaged in a gun fight. During this mission, Cole Phelps will use a shotgun as his primary weapon, and receives support from Ralph Dunn.

Upon Reflection

Upon Reflection is an L. A. Noire Patrol Case introduced to Cole Phelps by detective Finbar “Rusty” Galloway. Cole Phelps and Ralph Dunn help Finbar to expose the murderer of Scooter Peyton.

Another detective who appears in this case is Floyd Rose, Finbar’s partner. Later in the game, Floyd Rose retires from the LAPD, and Cole Phelps must replace him in the Homicide Department. Floyd Rose is a strange character and his retirement is covered in mystery, but there are some clues indicating that Floyd became a corrupted detective.

Unlike Floyd, players will notice that Finbar Galloway is an arrogant detective, and he doesn’t approve Cole’s promotion to the Homicide Department. Finbar’s arrogance is given by his years of experience, but in the end, he becomes Cole’s partner.

In the alleyway, near the crime scene you will find a newspaper on one of the crates.

Clues: Bloodstain on door, reflection of gun on roof and the Smith & Wesson revolver.

Characters:Scooter Peyton, Detective Floyd Rose and the murder suspect.

When you reach the gun store search for the following:

Clues: Gun Store ledger

Characters: Errol Schroeder – main suspect

Go to Schroeder’s apartment.To find the exact location search the building’s mailboxes.

He lives in apartment 2.

Enter his house and beat him.

After he is neutralized, check his dresser to solve the case.

Warrants Outstanding

The third patrol case is called Warrants Outstanding. The only thing you have to do, is to chase Wendell Bowers and beat him.

Buyer Beware

The last patrol case is Buyer Beware. Our guide will show you how to solve this case and advance in the game.

When you arrive at the crime scene, check the victim’s jacket, to find a voucher.

On the ground you will also see some shells.

Check the dumpster and you will find a handgun as well as Eagleson’s Store location.

Talk to the male witness and find Clovis Galletta.

Clovis Galletta Interrogation

First question – Eyewitness account – Lie

Evidence – Layaway voucher

Second question – Possible murder suspect – Doubt

Third question – Details of shooting – TruthAfter the interrogation go to Hartfields Jewelery Store and chase Edward Kalou.

When you catch him, use your gun to aim, but don’t pull the trigger. He will surrender and you will be able to interrogate him at the station.

Edward Kalou Interrogation

First question – Arguement with Gage – Lie

Evidence – Suspect identified

Second question – Possible religious motive – Doubt

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