Hydrophobia Cheats and Trainers

Hydrophobia Cheats and Trainers

The Hydrophobia cheating guide below teaches players how to use trainers while playing the survival-adventure video game developed by Dark Energy Digital.

The guide includes tips, tricks and advises that will eventually help players to install a trainer which allows them to cheat in Hydrophobia.

Hydrophobia was released on September 29, 2010 on Xbox Live Arcade, and on May 9 2011, for PC.

The story in Hydrophobia presents a near future when the humanity is affected by the “Great Population Flood”.

The main character in the game is Kate Wilson who fights against a group of terrorists, known as the Malthusians.

The terrorists are trying to exterminate a vast number of citizens, in order to re-establish the population limit supported by our planet.

One of the most appreciated features of this video game is given by the HydroEngine used by Dark Energy Digital.

This game engine was developed by Blade Interactive, with the purpose of providing realistic dynamics for the flowing water. Hydrophobia is the first video game that uses the HydroEngine.

How to cheat in Hydrophobia for PC

To use the Hydrophobia cheat codes presented below, players will have to download a trainer first.

The trainer can be found on DLH.net, and it was developed for the game version 1.0.1378, which can be found on Steam.

In order to successfully use the cheat codes, players should follow these steps:

Download Hydrophobia trainer from DLH.net

Extract all files included in the Hydrophobia_v1.0.1378_+_7_Trainer.rar archive

Copy the files in the game’s directory

Run the trainer

Launch the game

Hydrophobia for PC Cheat Codes (Cheats)

After you launch the trainer and the video game, press the following keys to activate the corresponding Hydrophobia cheat code:

INSERT – Enable Hydrophobia Trainer

NUMPAD1 – Unlimited Health Points

NUMPAD2 – Unlimited Oxygen

NUMPAD3 – Unlimited Ammo

NUMPAD4 – Mega Score

NUMPAD5 – One hit kills

NUMPAD6 – Freeze all hack timers

NUMPAD7 – Freeze the Purus infection

HOME – Disable all cheats

Hydrophobia Cheats and Trainers

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