How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Game Boy

How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Game Boy

Do you remember all those awesome Game Boy video games you used to play years ago? Well some of us still play them these days, but some can’t.

Hyperkin decided to change that and will make all those lovely games available once again. The only things you need is a smartphone and their new product named Smart Boy.

Smart Boy is a device similar to a phone case. Your phone gets inside the case and it transforms into a Game Boy.

Smart Boy features functional buttons and a slot for those cute Nintendo Game Boy cartridges some of us used to collect.

So, you insert the cartridge in the slot, and your phone will be used only to display the games you are playing.

The idea of a Smart Boy started as an April Fools’ joke, but the team from Hyperkin decided to transform the whole concept in reality.

While the Smart Boy was teased for both iOS and Android devices, Hyperkin brought to E3 2016 a Smart Boy for Android smartphones only.

The device doesn’t have a price yet, but we will find it soon enough, since Smart Boy should become available in December 2016.

How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Game Boy
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