Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints Evidence 3 Location

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Attack of the Saints

Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints is the fourteenth mission in the videogame. It is available after 47 ends his business with Sanchez in Fight Night.

Agent 47 checks in to a motel, but the elite assassins sent by Travis attack him.

The mission is to eliminate all members of the team known as “The Saints”.

Three Evidence collectibles can be acquired in Attack of the Saints mission, and the Hitman Absolution guide below reveals their locations through a series of hints and tips.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details

A Calm Before the Storm

“The Saints. One of Travis’ pet projects. Elite female assassins, specializing in large scale covert operations. Working in pairs, they strike hard and fast, leaving no witnesses, nor bodies behind. Their presence here tells me only one thing. Travis is getting desperate.”

Evidence 1 – Parking Lot

When we begin the level, we must escape the burning room. Then, we walk on the balcony, we avoid the enemies, and we activate the checkpoint. From here, we go downstairs, and if we look in the parking lot we can see a light blue SUV.

On top of the ammo crates that are alongside the car is the dossier with the first Evidence in Attack of the Saints.

However, the area is crawling with enemies and it might not be wise to grab it right away. We could acquire a guard disguise, then go back upstairs to eliminate the two guards and Jennifer Paxton, and then pick the enemies in the parking lot one by one.

Once the area is clear we can get the Evidence collectable.

Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints Evidence 1 Location
Evidence 1

Evidence 2 – Reception

After we eliminate the first two targets, we unlock the Reception area. The second Hitman Absolution Evidence is on the boxes between the two SUVs in front of the gas station.

Once again, since this Evidence is also in an open area filled with enemies, it is probably a good idea to patiently kill all guards so we can collect the dossier with the Evidence unnoticed (the two targets cannot see through a guard disguise).

Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints Evidence 2 Location
Evidence 2

Evidence 3 – Corn Field

We kill two more targets and we proceed in the final area, the corn field. Here we must deal with three more targets. We eliminate the closest one to us, Louisa Cain, and then we walk towards the last two, through the corn field. Eventually, we reach the area patrolled by Jaqueline Moorhead.

In the place where we can find two trailer caravans and a SUV there are more weapons/ammo crates, and on top of them is the third Evidence in Attack of the Saints.

However, two enemies are guarding these crates and two more are patrolling nearby. It’s up to us if we trick them or we take them out.

When all targets are dead, we pick up the phone to hear what Travis has to say, and then we begin the mission called Skurky’s Law.

Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints Evidence 3 Location
Evidence 3
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