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Angry Birds Star Wars Cheats and Trainers

On November 14, 2012, published a trainer, which allows players to activate two different Angry Birds Star Wars cheats while playing the video game developed by Rovio on PC.

The Angry Birds Star Wars trainer can be downloaded for free without paying any additional fees, and can be used by all players who wish to get three stars in all Angry Birds Star Wars levels.

Even if the program is similar to those used to cheat in Angry Birds Seasons or Angry Birds Rio, players should know that it can be activated only while playing Angry Birds Star Wars, and it can’t be used to cheat in Angry Birds Star Wars for iOS or Android.

Practically, the Angry Birds Star Wars trainer gives full control over the birds available in a level, allowing fans of the game to move them around and hit all targets with a single bird, thus earning more points.

The following cheating guide explains how to find a working Angry Birds Star Wars trainer for PC, how to install it, and how to use it during the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars became available on November 8, 2012 on PC, iOS and Android; being the fifth Angry Birds video game in Rovio’s franchise.

Unlike all previous titles, Angry Birds Star Wars combines the gameplay elements of the original Angry Birds game with those of Angry Birds Space, meaning that players also have the chance to kill piggies in space.

Angry Birds Star Wars includes 4 level packs/worlds with the fifth being announced by Rovio; however, two of them must be unlocked.

While Tatooine and Death Star are available from the beginning, Path of the Jedi must be purchased or unlocked by earning three stars on all levels included in the previous worlds.

The fourth level pack includes the Golden Droid levels, which are also unlocked by earning a specific number of stars. Along with the level packs, Angry Birds Star Wars also features new birds with new skills and powers. For example, the red bird which is available early in the game, is upgraded later to a more powerful bird, capable to use a lightsaber.

The red bird plays the role of Luke Skywalker in Rovio’s game, and for completing Path of the Jedi, it becomes even more powerful, being equipped with a green lightsaber.

Other Star Wars characters included in Angry Birds Star Wars are Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO and R2-D2.

The antagonists in Angry Birds Star Wars are, as always, the Bad Piggies, which also suffered multiple modifications.

The minion pigs have been transformed in Swine Troopers, and the King Pig became Emperor Piglatine (Emperor Palpatine in Lucas Arts’ Star Wars franchise).

Angry Birds Star Wars Trainer

The free Angry Birds Star Wars trainer from activates two options similar to the usual cheat codes used in other video games; however, to successfully access them, players must download and install the trainer.

As most trainers, the program might be reported as harmful by a series of antivirus programs; therefore, players who decide to test it will have to deactivate them and use the trainer at their own risk, following several steps:

Download the trainer from and extract all files included in angry_birds_star_wars_plus2_trainer.rar

Copy/move the extracted files in the game’s directory

Run the trainer and then the game.

When the game loads, start a level, and use the cheats listed below to control the birds.

Angry Birds Star Wars Cheats

According to the trainer’s developer, the program features two Angry Birds Star Wars cheats, which must be used independently, by pressing 1 or 2.

Angry Birds Star Wars Control Bird Cheat

The first option or Angry Birds Star Wars cheat activated by the trainer, allows players to control a bird, but if the bird explodes/dies, another object takes its place.

After the cheat is activated, players can launch a bird and control it using four keys:

U: Up

J: Down

H: Left

K: Right

At this point, the bird can be moved around to kill all piggies and get the highest score possible, but if the bird explodes it will be automatically replaced with an object, such as a rock.

The cheat is useful when the first bird in a level is an exploding bird.

Angry Birds Star Wars Control Bird After Explosion Cheat

Similar to the previous cheat, the second option, gives players the chance to control a bird after an explosion; however, if the bird explodes, it will not be replaced by an object.

In other words, the second Angry Birds Star Wars cheat code, acts like the first one, but, as stated by the trainer’s developer, the cheat features a safety lock.

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