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Grand Theft Auto V Grass Roots Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Grass Roots Missions Guide includes hints, tips and different strategies that can help you complete all missions you receive from Barry, a Stranger and Freak in GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Grass Roots Missions are triggered after you beat the main mission named Complications and the Pulling Favors Towing mission you receive from Tonya.

Barry is a strange character in Grand Theft Auto 5, who fights to legalize marijuana; hence he needs signatures for his petition.

After your first encounter with Barry, you will see him again later, at specific points on your map.

You will have to finish six missions in the Grass Roots series, but only four of them are missions that you can actually play and the remaining two feature only several cutscenes.

Grass Roots -– Michael Mission Walkthrough

After you complete Complications and Pulling Favors, Barry appears on your map, if you play as Michael. Talk to him, and you he will convince Michael to test some of his weed, which, he claims to be a “passport to nirvana.” The weed has a powerful effect on Michael who will start to see aliens.

The GTA 5 Grass Roots -– Michael Mission starts after you smoke the weed, and to complete it on gold, you have to kill 7 aliens in 00:10 seconds and you also have to avoid unnecessary damage, in order to take minimum damage.

Moving around will help you getting the Unmarked secondary objective, but for  the Kill Chain objective you have to focus on the aliens that spawn under the building in front of you.

You have unlimited ammo; therefore as soon as the mission starts pull the right trigger and don’t stop firing against the aliens that rush towards you to get the second objective. Next, focus your fire on the aliens with glowing heads because they inflict damage, and don’t forget to check the roofs of the buildings nearby.

After you kill all enemies that spawn nearby, the mission ends.

Grass Roots -– Trevor Mission Walkthrough

GTA 5 Grass Roots -– Trevor is similar to the one you completed as Michael, but Barry’s drugs have a different effect on Trevor who starts seeing clowns instead of aliens.

GTA V Grass Roots -– Trevor becomes available after you complete the main mission named Three’s Company. Once you talk to Barry, you start the mission, which is harder than the previous one, if you intend to get 100% completion at the end of it. The first objective (Pre-Emptive Strike) can be achieved by destroying 4 clown vans, and you should focus on it first.

When you start the mission advance towards the middle of the plaza and a van will appear from your right. Start shooting it while it moves, and make sure you don’t miss. Also, be careful because Trevor has to reload his weapon. Now, turn around and pay close attention to the clowns that dance around you, but continue to move towards the other side of the area. Another van will spawn from your left side, and as soon as you destroy it, reload and turn right because it is followed by the third van.

Now, start running forward and stay alert because there is a van in the distance and on your right side that can be destroyed. If you see that the car already started to deploy clowns, don’t shoot it, and reload because another van appears from the left alley.

That van should be destroyed immediately. Now, take cover and wait for the clowns to dance. Shoot six of them, then the van you didn’t destroy earlier.

Once the vehicle is destroyed, kill all clowns that remain and the mission ends.

Grass Roots -– Franklin Mission Walkthrough

GTA V Grass Roots -– Franklin is also available after you beat Three’s Company, but it is a short mission featuring only the dialogue between Barry and Franklin.

Practically, all you have to do is to approach Barry, while playing as Franklin and watch the said cutscene. The mission is required to activate the next assignment.

Grass Roots –- The Pickup Mission Walkthrough

GTA 5 Grass Roots -– The Pickup is played exclusively as Franklin and you will be asked to find a truck containing a weed stash and take it back to Barry’s Apartment.

Since it is a timed mission you have to drive as fast as possible on the marked route in order to get the first objective which requires you to get the truck back to Barry in less than 2:45 minutes.

While the first objective is easier, for the second objective, named Unwanted Outcome you have to follow a specific route. For Unwanted Outcome you have to avoid the police cars that patrol around your area. To get the objective, start the truck and take two right turns, and follow the alleys between the buildings.

Next jump with the car in the area under the large bridge nearby, and after you land turn right and exit directly on the street under the bridge. Turn left and drive back to Barry. Exit the truck and leave the area to complete the mission.

Grass Roots –- The Drag Mission Walkthrough

GTA 5 Grass Roots -– The Drag is a towing mission and it is also timed. After you find the vehicle where the stash is located, try to start it and you will notice that you can’t. Exit the car and look around for a towing truck. Lower the crane and hook the car containing the weed, but don’t forget to raise the crane or the car will slow you down.

From the moment you hook the car, the clock starts and to get the first objective, you need to deliver the car to Barry’s back alley in less than 1:30. This objective is harder to complete if you hit the cars in traffic; so drive as safe as possible.

There are two possible shortcuts you can take to save several precious seconds. First, make sure you cut the large curve on your right, and drive on dirt. The second shortcut is an alley on your left as you follow the route. It is a street with low traffic, which also helps you cut a curve.

When close to Barry’s apartment, activate Franklin’s ability to enter the alley and drop the car while moving, to save more seconds.

Remain in the tow track and leave the area to complete the mission.

Grass Roots –- The Smoke-In Mission Walkthrough

The final Grass Roots mission in GTA 5 requires the previous missions. After you complete Grass Roots –- The Drag go to Franklin’s safe house and take a sleep, then you will be asked to meet Barry in front of The City Hall.

When you reach the Hall’s stairs Franklin will automatically call Barry who forgot about the riot he wanted to start.

Leave the area again to complete the last GTA V Grass Roots mission.

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