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Grand Theft Auto V Arms Trafficking Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Arms Trafficking Missions are a great way to earn more money while playing GTA 5 as Trevor; however, in order to activate them, you must purchase a property and you must complete a specific story mission.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 Arms Trafficking Missions become available immediately after you unlock Trevor and after you complete the main mission named Nervous Ron.

Additionally, these specific missions require the GTA 5 Property named McKenzie Field Hangar. After you buy the property you can begin to play an unlimited number of assignments known as Arms Trafficking Missions.

The GTA 5 Arms Trafficking Missions are divided in two major categories, and both categories require specific vehicles.

For the Air Trafficking Missions you have to use the Cuban 800 plane stored in the hangar you purchase, and for the Ground Trafficking Mission you will have to drive the BF Dune Buggy parked near the same hangar.

Even if you can play these missions as many times as you want, each category includes a series of 5 possible scenarios, meaning that the routes you have to follow will change, but the objectives and the awards you receive remain unchanged.

Therefore, knowing what to expect in each scenario and knowing how to complete it, is the key in beating these missions After you complete two missions in each vehicle, you have to leave the area and return when additional assignments become available.

Finishing all missions once will unlock the TP Industries Arms Race achievement/trophy.

The Grand Theft Auto V Arms Trafficking Missions Guide below explains how to complete all said scenarios and reveals a series of strategies you can use while playing these missions.

Arms Trafficking Ground Missions Guide

The first type of GTA 5 Arms Trafficking Missions includes the ground missions you can complete as Trevor.

For these missions you will use the BF Dune Buggy located near McKenzie Field Hangar. For each GTA V Arms Trafficking Mission you complete, you will receive $5.000 and a weapon.

The missions repeat, but there are 5 default scenarios that can occur. Once you complete them you will start all over again and the missions will be randomly selected. The weapons you receive don’t change nor the amount of money.

The goal of an Arms Trafficking Ground Mission in Grand Theft Auto V, is to drive the Dune Buggy to a specific location, not far from the hangar, retrieve a package that is dropped from a plane, and then return it to the hangar; however, on your way back or even when you drive towards the package the rival gangs will attack you.

If you lose the package and the rivals get it, you will fail the mission. If Trevor dies you will also fail the mission.

While the missions may look easy and repetitive, you will notice that the gangs are more than dangerous and the routes you need to follow change.

Arms Trafficking Ground Mission 1 Walkthrough

In the first arms trafficking mission you have to complete on the ground, you will have to reach a mobile house close to the hangar.

Notice the clock in the right corner of the screen, and do whatever it takes to beat the time, because sometimes you will avoid a direct fight with the rival gangs.

Furthermore, try to avoid the main road in order to not increase your wanted level. As a general rule, you can actually drive near the road, as long as you don’t spend too much time on the asphalt. Additionally, you should be aware that in some cases the cops can help you, because they also try to stop your rivals, not only Trevor. After you get the first package, mark the location of the hangar on your map, and return the valuable cargo.

If you fail to beat the clock, the gangs will attack you, and how you decide to deal with them depends on how you want to play the game.

You can stop the car and activate Trevor’s ability to kill the pursuers, you can lure them to your hangar and deal with them there, or you can opt to take them out on your way to the hangar. Shooting the tires on their cars will slow them down.

Arms Trafficking Ground Mission 2 Walkthrough

For the second Ground Arms Trafficking Mission in GTA V you must drive south from your hangar to a location near the lake.

Unlike in the previous mission, it is almost impossible to beat the rival gangs; therefore, the chances for you to get the package before them, are quite low.

Additionally, you have to be aware that if you have the package and the rivals shoot you and your vehicle, you will drop it.

Therefore, what you can do is to get close to the rivals and take them out before they reach the drop-point. This will prevent them from making you drop the package and you will also avoid further fights.

Arms Trafficking Ground Mission 3 Walkthrough

The Arms Trafficking Ground Mission 3 in GTA 5 requires your presence to a marijuana house at the base of the mountain.

The rivals are very dangerous in this specific mission and they will constantly follow you. The only way to escape is to kill them, but not while you drive.

To successfully complete the third mission, try driving over the mountain to save some time. Once you get the package, use the same route to get back to the hangar and wait for your rivals to appear.

While standing inside the hangar, take them out and return the package to get the Assault Rifle.

Arms Trafficking Ground Mission 4 Walkthrough

During the fourth Arms Trafficking Ground in GTA V you will notice that the first group of rivals usually gets to the package before you.

What is important to know is that they won’t stop unless you shoot them or you completely destroy their vehicle. Shooting the tires on their vehicle won’t stop them, so try to shoot the driver and then the passenger. Additionally you can also use a sticky bomb to end the fight faster.

Once the vehicle is destroyed, pick up the package and return to the hangar to get the pump shotgun.

If you are followed wait for your opponents inside the hangar, and trigger Trevor’s ability to kill all of them.

Arms Trafficking Ground Mission 5 Walkthrough

The final GTA 5 ground trafficking mission is harder because you will be ambushed. The package is dropped near the National Park in Senora and the rivals will wait for you there.

Furthermore if you don’t get in time to the drop location you will fail the mission. Get there as fast as you can, and if possible try to alert the cops on your way to the package.

They will start shooting your rivals slowing them down. No matter who wins the fight (the cops or the gang members) you will have enough time to lose them and to get back to the hangar. Usually the rivals win, and the cops will stop chasing you, and when you get close to the hangar a helicopter spawns.

Get inside the hangar, and stay there until you kill all ground units, then activate Trevor’s ability to deal with the chopper. Return the package to complete the mission and to get the RPG.

Arms Trafficking Air Missions Guide

Unlike the ground missions, the Grand Theft Auto V Arms Trafficking Air Missions are easier to complete, if you are skilled pilot, and they award more money, if you complete several side-objectives.

The GTA 5 Arms Trafficking Air Missions also have five possible scenarios, and even if the routes change, your objectives will be the same.

Arms Trafficking Air Mission 1 Walkthrough

When you attempt your first Arms Trafficking Air mission in Grand Theft Auto 5, Oscar will tell you that you need to drop 3 packages on specific spots marked by yellow flares.

The first mission is relatively easy to complete if you know how to land and takeoff using the Cuban 800 airplane in your hangar. If you completed the Flight School Lessons, you won’t encounter any difficulties to perform these two procedures.

After you takeoff, head towards the first marked position and when you see the yellow smoke pay close attention to your radar on the left side of the screen. The small circle indicates the area where you have to drop the package. Once inside the said area, press the corresponding button to make the drop, and then fly to the second location. Repeat these steps and return to your hangar.

Land and park the plane inside the building to complete the mission. As a general rule, try to fly as low as possible and always try to drop the packages within the marked circles.

For the first mission you will get $7.000 once you pass it, $125 if you complete it in less than 4:10 minutes, and $125 if you don’t miss any drops.

Arms Trafficking Air Mission 2 Walkthrough

The second GTA V Arms Trafficking Air Mission is similar to the first one, but you need to make four drops.

Additionally, you will fail the mission if you alert the cops by flying too high. To complete the mission, once again, you need to pay close attention to your radar and make sure that you always fly under the line that marks the maximum altitude you can reach.

Fly from one location to another, and drop all four packages within the areas of the circles on your radar, then get back to the hangar.

Additional funds are awarded for completing the second mission in less than 5 minutes, without missing any targets and without flying above the line on your radar.

Arms Trafficking Air Mission 3 Walkthrough

For the third GTA 5 Arms Trafficking Air mission you must kill the competing arms runners. There are four points marked on your map, indicating the areas you have to bomb.

The mission is almost similar to the previous two, but the difference is that you will use bombs and you can correct their trajectories if you fly too high.

Correcting the trajectory of a bomb is not necessary if you fly low enough, and even if the rivals shoot your plane you should not be concerned because they won’t damage it.

Once more you must destroy all targets without missing to get the bonus and you must finish the assignment in less than 6 minutes.

Arms Trafficking Air Mission 4 Walkthrough

The fourth GTA 5 Air Trafficking mission features two targets, one of them being mobile. There are two targets you have to destroy. First, a moving train and the second target is a group of boats.

Fly alongside the train to make sure you damage it, and try to hit its front wagon, then move to the boats but make sure you fly low enough otherwise you want be able to release the bomb.

Complete the mission without missing your targets and in less than 3:20 minutes for an extra $250.

Arms Trafficking Air Mission 5 Walkthrough

The final GTA V Air Trafficking mission allows you to use cluster bombs to destroy groups of vehicles. The vehicles are military trucks and planes located at a base marked by a yellow dot on your map.

Fly to their locations and don’t worry about the enemies that shoot your plane or the alarm you will eventually trigger. Start releasing the bombs when you are close to the first vehicle in a group and you will damage all of them.

Completing the mission in less than 3:20 minutes, and without missing your targets are side objectives that will award you more money.

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