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Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara

Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara Collectibles Locations Map

All Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara collectibles on our map above, should be found before leaving the rocky area located south of Itacua.

Pucara, is a province controlled by DJ Perico, and the second area you should explore once you take out La Yuri and El Polito in Itacua.

On your map, you can find Pucara between Inca Camina, La Cruz and Flor De Oro.

Pucara is a rocky zone featuring multiple tombs, mines, and the large Sueno Mausoleum in the center.

After you deal with DJ Perico, you should find the following Pucara collectables: 2 Weapon Cases, 6 Accessory Cases, 7 Skill Points, 1 Bonus Medal and 12 Kingslayer Files.

Our guide below, is similar to the one we have created for Itacua, meaning that it includes a map showing the locations of all Ghost Recon Wildlands collectibles in Pucara, as well as several tips that will help you retrieve them, and a video guide you can watch if you encounter difficulties while playing the game.

Without further ado, here is where you can find all Ghost Recon Wildlands collectables in Pucara, following the order on our map.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara Accessory Cases Locations

Accessory Case 1 – The first accessory case on the map above is outside, on a wooden table at the Makeshift Runway. Inside is the Long Submachine Gun barrel.

Accessory Case 2 – Check the Riverine Docks pier for the second accessory case. You should find it on a pile of crates, in front of a house. On the porch, you can see a mattress and a wooden chair, while in the case you should find the Foregrip V2 Underbarrel.

Accessory Case 3 – Close to the Santa Muerte Tomb on our map, is the third case. It is located in a storage facility, on some crates. Next to it is a house made of red bricks and inside the case you will find the ATPIAL Laser Sight assault rifle rail.

Accessory Case 4 – For the fourth case on our map, first look for a gray house, then kick its door. You should see a red graffiti painting on it. The case it’s on a wooden counter close to the right wall, as you enter. It contains the TARS101 sniper rifle scope.

Accessory Case 5 – The next Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara accessory case, is fairly easy to collect being located inside a mine. Check the location we have marked above, and once you enter the mine follow the main tunnel. The case in on an altar and if you open it you will get the Short Barrel for the light machine gun (LMG).

Accessory Case 6 – The last Ghost Recon Wildlands accessory case in Pucara is inside a tent near the Inca ruins marked on our map. Check the shelf when you enter the tent and grab the Folded Buttstock.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara Bonus Medal Location

Bonus Medal 1 – The only Ghost Recon Wildlands bonus medal you can collect in Pucara is located in the town named Todos Santos. You will find it near the main road, inside a house made of red bricks. Check the first floor and look for it on a shelf. Once collected you will unlock the Revive Speed bonus.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara Kingslayer Files Locations

Kingslayer File 1 – For the first Ghost Recon Wildlands kingslayer file in Pucara visit the Riverine Docks pier. Look for the collectible on a blue barrel near the water, and you will unlock The Fighter recording.

Kingslayer File 2 – The second Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara kingslayer file on our map is located close to the Santa Muerte Tomb. It is on top of a stone block overseeing the valley below, and it unlocks The Mausoleum recording.

Kingslayer File 3 – Next, move to Todos Santos Rock Quarry near the previous collectable and search the roof of the tallest building to find a briefcase containing the El Sueno’s Mausoleum picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 4 – In the northern part of Todos Santos Town is the next kingslayer file. Look for a gray building with Bolivian flags above the main door. Follow the stairs to the first floor and look for it on the right side. It’s on a drawer between two vases. If you collect it you will unlock The Silver Mines legend.

Kingslayer File 5 – South from the previous file, in the same town, is ne fifth collectible. Check the roof of a red building and you should see it on the ground near some chairs and crates. This collectible unlocks El Sueno Narcocorrido recording.

Kingslayer File 6 – As you can see on our map, the sixth Ghost Recon Wildlands kingslayer file is close to another Santa Muerte Tomb. It is on a white counter inside a brown deposit, and it contains the recording named On Air.

Kingslayer File 7 – Visit the Olico Super Dam in Pucara to retrieve another file. It’s siting on the roof of the building connected to the helipad and it contains a recording on El Tio.

Kingslayer File 8 – North from Sueno Mausoleum, at the bottom of the hill, check the storage building near the alarm, and look for the Family Photo picture evidence on some cardboard boxes.

Kingslayer File 9 – From the previous collectible, follow the path towards the top of the hill near the mausoleum, and look for a tent next to a crate. The file is outside, on the right side of the tent while facing it. This file is The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus legend.

Kingslayer File 10 – In Pilca Village you can find another file, on the roof of a gray building. Use the trashcan to climb, and look on the ground for the Perico Flyer picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 11 – South from Old Silver Mine, look for a green building, and in the corner of the room you will see another recording with info on A Tomb for a King.

Kingslayer File 12 – The final Ghost Recon Wildlands kingslayer file in Pucara is north from the mine mentioned above, but to get it you have to enter the mine and follow the main tunnel. When you reach the first opening, look for a small altar and collect El Tio de la Mina legend.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara Skill Points Locations

Skill Point 1 – For the first Ghost Recon Wildlands skill point in Pucara, travel to Charamokho Village, marked on our map. Look for it on the roof of a red building at the bottom of the antenna you have to scan during one of the game’s missions. Enter the room on the roof, and check the drawer.

Skill Point 2 – The next Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara skill point on our map is inside another building, on the second floor, behind a green table.

Skill Point 3 – Following our map, check the building marked by 3 and look for the skill point on the first floor of another building. You should see it near a communication station.

Skill Point 4 – Travel back to Olico Super Dam, and head to the lower area, near the water. The fourth skill point is on a red working bench, very close to a boat.

Skill Point 5 – Fairly easy to locate, the fifth skill point in Pucara is near an antenna you have to stop during one of the game’s side-missions.

Skill Point 6 – The skill point near Sueno Mausoleum can be retrieved by checking the backside of the building. Go around the large temple and look for it under the stairs leading to the roof.

Skill Point 7 – The final skill point location in Pucara is in Pilca Village. Look for a storehouse and you will see it on a shelf.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara Weapon Cases Locations

Weapon Case 1 – The first Ghost Recon Wildlands Pucara weapon case is located in Todos Santos Rock Quarry, on the roof of the same building where you have found one of the files. Look for the case inside a container and open it to get the SMG-11 compact machine gun.

Weapon Case 2 – The second Ghost Recon Wildlands weapon case in Pucara, can be found in front of Sueno Mausoleum. Check the bunker marked on our map, and look it near some crates. It contains the Stoner LMG A1 light machine gun.

Here is a video from our Ghost Recon Wildlands YouTube playlist, which shows how to get all Pucara collectables.

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