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Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro

Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro Collectibles Locations Map

The Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro collectibles outlined on the map above, must be collected in order to reach 100% completion in the video game developed by Ubisoft for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; thus, we have created the following guide to help you find them faster.

Ocoro is an important region from Bolivia, as represented in the video game, and you will have to gain full control over it, if you wish to beat the game.

On your map, Ocoro is located north-east of Itacua and west of Caimanes and Villa Verde.

This area is supervised by El Emisario, and it includes a large number of items that must be found.

While exploring Ocoro in Ghost Recon Wildlands, you have to retrieve the following collectibles: 3 Weapon Cases, 4 Accessory Cases, 8 Skill Points, 1 Bonus Medal and 9 Kingslayer Files.

If by any chance you encounter difficulties in finding them using our complete Ocoro collectibles map, address to the hints below, or to the video guide which is also included in our Ghost Recon Wildlands YouTube playlist.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro Accessory Cases Locations

Accessory Case 1 – The first accessory case on our Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro map above is located inside an armory. To gain access, you have to reach the top of the mountain and clear the outpost. Look for the case on a blue shelf, and inside you will find Compensated Buttstock for the sniper rifle.

Accessory Case 2 – North-east from Campo Ana is another Outpost you have to clear for the second accessory case. The armory is close to the helipad, and the case containing the CompM4 scope is on a workbench inside the building.

Accessory Case 3 – The third Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro accessory case is located in the south-eastern part of the district, as you can see on our map. Kick the door of the blue church and check the drawer near the altar. Inside the case is the ATPIAL Laser Sight submachinegun rail.

Accessory Case 4 – The last accessory case in Ocoro is inside a building from the Via-B gas station, also marked above. Look for the case on the desk near a laptop, and inside you will find the Extended (30) handgun magazine.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro Bonus Medal Location

Bonus Medal 1 – The only Ghost Recon Wildlands Bonus Medal in Ocoro is in the town known as Puerto Grande. Check the covered area of a small yard we have marked on our map, and you will find it on a shelf between two workbenches. This medal will allow your character to carry one additional mine.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro Kingslayer Files Locations

Kingslayer File 1 – For the first Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro kingslayer file, check the red fisherman house, north from Puerto Grande. The collectible is on a table you can see on the porch, and it unlocks the Mama Cocha legend.

Kingslayer File 2 – Next, move the northern side of the district and clear the Coca Paste Factory. The collectable is on the second floor of the large warehouse where the coca paste is being prepared. Look for it inside a small office, on an armchair, and you will unlock the Shopping List picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 3 – East from the previous location is an outpost where you can find another kingslayer file collectible. It is on a table inside a warehouse close to the railroad, and it unlocks the Master and Student recording.

Kingslayer File 4 – Another outpost where you can find a kingslayer file is located in the western side of the district, as you can see above. First, remove all threats, then search the first floor of the tallest building, to find the collectible on a desk next to a laptop. It unlocks the Old Friends recording.

Kingslayer File 5 – The fifth Ghost Recon Wildlands kingslayer file in Ocoro is fairly easy to find. Travel to Campo Ana and check the central area of the city for a gray building. On it, you should be able to read: Alcaldia. Go inside, head to the second floor, and look for a large office. On one of the walls you should see two guns. The Chaco War legend is on the small table below the weapons.

Kingslayer File 6 – For the sixth file, you need to clear the Ocoro base marked on our map, then search the garage. You will find the collectible on a shelf near some tires. Pick it up to unlock the Chemistry 101 picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 7 – When you visit the Pachamama Scars location, make sure you pick up the Pachamama Scars legend sitting on a table in the middle of the camp. Next to the said table there are some blue barrels.

Kingslayer File 8 – The eighth file marked on our Ocoro collectible map above is on the first floor of a red building. Look for it on a mattress and pick it up to unlock El Sueno Negotiates recording.

Kingslayer File 9 – Finally, check the area south of Pujio to get the file inside a large mansion, easy to identify. The collectible is in the kitchen and it unlocks the Memories picture evidence.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro Skill Points Locations

Skill Point 1 – As you can see on our map, the first Ghost Recon Wildlands skill point in Ocoro, is located on top of a mountain where you will have to complete one of the game’s side missions. Before leaving the area, grab the skill points on some red crates near the plane runway.

Skill Point 2 – Another skill point can be found by visiting the outpost south-west from Puerto Grande. You will find it in a room of a tall building, close to the main road. Make sure you explore the roof and look for it on a table.

Skill Point 3 – Next, travel to the Zona Narco Prohibida marked on our map and get the skill point on a crate at the bottom of the watchtower.

Skill Point 4 – South from the previous collectible, is a location named Moko. The skill point is inside a cabin, and to reach it you have to kick the door. Cross the room and look for it on a drawer.

Skill Point 5 – For the fifth Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro skill point, travel to Nenma Freight Yard and check the storehouse. It is sitting on a red counter.

Skill Point 6 – After you clear the Ocoro Base, look for another skill point inside the gray building similar to a bunker. Get to the roof and look for a small room. You should be able to find the collectible on a shelf.

Skill Point 7 – The seventh skill point on our map is inside a small storage house on a hill. It is very easy to find, but you have to clear the area first.

Skill Point 8 – The last Ghost Recon Wildlands skill point in Ocoro is in Pujio. Simply enter the small restaurant named Jaquar Blanco and you will find it behind the counter.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro Weapon Cases Locations

Weapon Case 1 – By visiting the northern part of the district you will be able to find the first Ghost Recon Wildlands weapon case in Ocoro. Clear the Coca Paste Factory, then search the armory to see it near some green lockers. Inside it is the SR-635 Submachine Gun.

Weapon Case 2 – For the second weapon case in Ocoro, clear the Ocoro Base, then search the backside of the large building marked on our map. It is very close to the road. This case unlocks the 5.7 USG Handgun.

Weapon Case 3 – The final Ghost Recon Wildlands Ocoro weapon case and collectible included in our guide is located in El Altiplano Verde. Look for it inside a white house and you will unlock the M1911 Handgun.

Our video below also shows how to unlock all collectable in Ocoro area of Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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