Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough: Enemy at the Gates

In both quests you received from Queen Roslyn in the previous part, you are asked to find Roderick, and assist him.

Before starting your journey, make sure you talk to Phineas, who is near the Queen. You will receive a secondary quest called All That Glitters.

Another quest giver is Bartholomew, and you will find him near the trading cart.

He wants you to find a rifle, therefore you will receive The Prototype quest.

Save your game and exit the Tumbledown Court.

Quest: Travel to the Southern Tunnels

After you exit the court, you will enter the Deep Well. Continue down the tunnel and go left.

Move forward and you will see the objective marked on your map, inside a corridor to the left.

Follow the corridor and you will meet Roderick. Talk to him.

Quest: Gather Explosive Powder

Roderick informs you that you must collapse the tunnels, if you want to stop the invasion. To do that, you must find some Black Explosive Powder.

Follow the corridor where you met Roderick and you will see a small cavern. One of the barrels containing the explosive powder is in front of you. Destroy it and pick up the powder.

Investigate the corridor to the left and then the one to the right. Be careful because you will be attacked by Cyclops.

When you’re done, follow the central corridor and then, the one to the left. You will find another black powder satchel, near the fighting royalists.

Now, turn back and follow the corridor on the right. The third black powder satchel is near the railroad.

Fight your way through the tunnel, until you reach a red crystal on the right. Activate it and return to the first tunnel, on the left.

Jump on the platform and kill the troops waiting for you on the other side.

On the left, there are several Painite deposits. Make sure you pick up the Painite needed by Phineas, and then continue up on the ramp, to the left. The fourth black powder satchel is on the ground near a corpse.

Pick it up and proceed through the corridor on the left.

Quest: Set the Explosive Charges

Go down the next ramp and then enter the large chamber on the right. Here, you must be very careful, because a canon will fire at you all the time and you will be attacked by spiders.

In this area you will find Bartholomew’s prototype rifle, needed in The Prototype quest. It is located at the bottom of the cavern, in a small entrance to the right. To get the rifle you must destroy several blue crystals.

If you want to survive in this cavern, pay attention to the sound made by the cannon when it fires. When you hear the sound, dodge. This way you will avoid the cannonballs. Kill the spiders, you encounter, get the rifle and quickly exit the cave; then go right.

Assist the Royalist soldiers fighting the Cyclops, and continue.

Follow the corridor in front of you until you reach a save point to the right. Make sure you save your game, because in the next area you will fight a large amount of Azunite warriors and an Azunite Lieutenant.

To defeat the lieutenant, make sure you don’t spend too much time near him. His aura inflicts fire damage, and can be deadly.

After you kill all troops here, proceed and set the explosives in the mining cart you see on the other side of the room.

Exit the room, and after the explosion you will complete the Enemy at the Gates quest. Now it’s time to block the other tunnel, in order to finish the Uninvited Guests quest.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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