Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: The Duke Burger

In the chapter called The Duke Burger, from Duke Nukem Forever, players will have to solve a series of puzzles in order to advance in the game.

The action takes place in a fast-food restaurant, and most of the time, Duke is shrinked.

To complete this chapter, Duke Nukem Forever players can use the guide below, which explains where to go and how to defeat the aliens faster.

The Duke Burger chapter is followed by The Mighty Foot.

In this mission Duke Nukem is inside a restaurant. Move forward and destroy all alien eggs until you enter the restaurant. Investigate the place and interact with all objects, then use the shrinking platform.

To exit the bathroom you have to look for a small hole near the red door with the Employees Only sign.

Use the pad you see inside and Duke will get bigger, then activate the highlighted control panel on the wall.

Break the red door to exit, and then use the shrinking platform again.

Now, look around and you will see a bench near the platform you used.

Jump on the two boxes and then on the bench. Then continue and jump on the first sink. Move forward and jump on the red trashcan. From there, sprint and jump and you will be inside the walls.

Go up on the pipe you see to the left, and then left again.

Continue up on the wooden ramp, and then go right. When you reach this point the first part of this chapter ends.

When the second part starts, just move forward and the floor will fall.

Use the platform in front of you and Duke will grow. Pick up the weapons and search the first room to the left.

Kill the pigcops that attack you and then look around for an entrance to the next serving room.

Jump on the red couches and then through the hole. You will automatically shrink and several pigcops will attack you.

After you kill them, you have to go up on the bar. Use the serving Pigcop statue to get there and move forward.

Go around the bar and up on the pipe to the right.

From there jump on the tentacle and follow it to the next room.

Before jumping on the ground, look around and you will see several shrinking platforms. When you get down, explore the room but be careful because you will be attacked by rats. Kill them and destroy the alien eggs.

You will also be attacked by aliens, however they are larger than you. The trick is that you have to fool them and make them step on the shrinking pads. If you can’t do this you won’t be able to kill them, so don’t waste your ammo on them. Just run around and they will step on those green pads.

The aliens you killed also opened a door, and it’s your way out of this chamber.

In the next room you have to get to the top of the shelves.

Go to the other side of the room and jump on the boxes to the right and then from one shelf to another. Make sure you kill the pigcops that attack you from the other side.

From one shelf to another you will have to get to the ventilation system, then to the next room.

Get down from the boxes and kill the rats, or use the rat-traps in your advantage. Make sure you don’t step on them. Shoot them if needed.

Climb the cart to the right and then get on the ice-machine. From here, there is only one way to go. Follow the shelves and destroy every can and jar. You can’t get stuck here, as long as you don’t fall into the water.

Keep your eyes on the ground for mouse traps and make sure you kill the Pigcops. All objects that can help you are highlighted.

When you reach the toaster, make sure you activate it and then quickly jump on it.

Turn off the electricity and the woman you saved will open a door for you.

In the next room jump on the boxes and enter the ventilation system.

Move forward and the second part of this chapter will end.

Get out from the ventilation system through the exit you see on the floor.

Use the platform to get bigger and climb the ladder.

You will notice that you are on the roof. There is a small room where you will find the Holoduke and on the floor near a dead body is the Shrink Ray gun.

On the roof you will have to fight waves of aliens. Keep in mind that you need to save your ammo, and that the Shrink Ray weapon in combination with the Shotgun, can be deadly. Shrink the aliens then shoot them with your Shotgun, including the floating aliens that appear during the last wave.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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