Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Mothership Battle

Mothership Battle is a special chapter in Duke Nukem Forever, and consists in a boss fight.

It is the fourth chapter in the game and during this battle; Duke Nukem has to destroy the Alien Mothership using a simple turret.

The Mothership Battle text walkthrough below, offers several tips and tricks that can be used during the game, by players who wish to defeat this special boss faster, and earn several extra achievements.

Mothership Boss Fight

The battle against the Mothership in Duke Nukem Forever can be tricky; therefore here are some tips and tricks:

Aim the Mothership all the time, but stop when the dropships appear.

Destroy the dropships before they deploy the alien troops.

The gunships appear in groups of three, but only the one in the middle can damage you.

Immediately after a gunship is destroyed, hit the Mothership.

Practically, during this battle, if you follow these tips you can unlock 3 achievements/trophies: Baron von NukemBig Guns, Big Ships and Natural Disaster 3x.

After you destroy the Mothership, watch the cutscene.

You will return to the canon’s chamber.

Enter the ventilation system, and follow the tunnels. Use Duke Vision glasses, if you can’t see where to go.

When you reach the exit, this chapter will be complete.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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