Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Generator Room

In the Generator Room chapter featured in Duke Nukem Forever, players must explore several areas infected by the aliens, and to kill another boss, called the Octaking.

Below is a walkthrough created exclusively for the Generator Room, as part of the full Duke Nukem Forever text guide.

This walkthrough explains the route that must be followed by players who wish to complete the chapter and how to defeat the Octaking.

Players, who manage to kill the Octaking, will be able to play the next chapter, called the Underground.

When this chapter starts, all you have to do is to exit the elevator and follow the corridor on the left, until you reach General Graves.

He informs you that you are America’s only hope and that you need to shut down the generator.

The General also opens the next door and you will enter an area infected by aliens.

There is only one way to go, and it’s marked by alien pods and cocoons.

Pay attention until you see a ladder on the right side of a large hall.

Go up and use the generator on the right (the one that is working) to move forward. Jump on one of the tentacles and continue. Do the same with the next two generators.

You have to go up until you reach a platform. There you will find a worker who informs you that he will move the entire platform to the other side of the hall.

Make sure you are ready for a long fight, because when the platform starts moving, many flying aliens will come from above. Take them out and use the ammo crates.

When the platform reaches the end of the hall you must fight an alien boss. Get ready because this fight is harder than you think.

Pick up the Devastator, if you didn’t use it by now.

There are also some explosive near the ammo crate. Pick them up.

Put some trip mines on your platform, on the left side.

When the boss wakes up, start firing, and when he summons his minions, take them out.

Use the cabin to take cover and crouch inside. Let the Trip Mines do their jobs against the small Octabrains.

Don’t try to use other explosives because the Octabrains will throw them back at you.

When the Octabrains are dead, shoot the boss, but always move around. Don’t stay in one place and strafe as fast as you can.

The Octaking will stop spawning Octabrains and it will start throwing large objects at you. If you are hit you will lose almost all your health. Avoid them at all costs.

If you have a Holoduke now it’s the time to use it.

Fire all the time and when you run out of ammo, use the crate behind you.

When the boss is down, don’t stop firing, because this fight has two phases. He won’t be able to attack you but he is alive.

After you kill him, the platform will advance and you will unlock the Octacide Trophy/Achievement.

You can go down now, using the door opened by the platform operator.

Exit through the gate on the right, and then go left.

Inspect the next room and then exit.

Eventually you will reach an elevator. Look to the left and jump on the next elevator. From there, jump down in the water, to finish this chapter.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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