Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Hounded By Fate Quest Walkthrough

The Dragon’s Dogma side-quest called Hounded by Fate can be activated after we kill the hydra, which attacks the Encampment, and we complete the story-quest named A Rude Awakening.

Hounded by Fate is a job posted on the notice board in the Encampment, and as most tasks we have completed up to this point, to finish it, we must kill a specific number of wild beasts living in Gransys. In this case, we have to hunt wolves.

Note: Wolves can be found everywhere in Gransys, especially during the night, but one of their favorite areas is Witchwood. Because of this, Hounded by Fate can be completed while playing Lost and Found.


Slay 10 wolves

Region: All Gransys


“My father was a hunter, as his father and his father’s father, before him. And every one of them, to a man, died encircled by wolves. I’m trapped in fate’s web, ser. I’ve huntsman’s blood in me, but I’d like to keep it there. Would that this land was rid of wolves!”


Hounded by Fate is a simple quest and we can finish it anytime for 2.500 G. We can look for wolves in the small forest between Cassardis and the Encampment, or we can complete this quest while playing others.

We remember that we have killed wolves before and they are weak against fire; therefore the mage in our party will help us a lot to kill these ferocious creatures.

No matter where we hunt them, we make sure that we slay at least 10 of them, and we block their attacks.

After we successfully kill 10 wolves, Hounded by Fate ends and we earn the associated reward; without having to return to the Encampment.

Note: We find many wolves if we head north from the Encampment, and then west, following the path that takes us to Witchwood. Practically, we can complete several quests (Hounded by Fate, Basic Training, Extermination 2 and Lost and Found), while visiting Witchwood for the first time.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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