Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma An Uninvited Guest Quest Walkthrough

An Uninvited Guest is a Dragon’s Dogma quest that can be played after we kill the hydra in the Encampment.

The quest-giver is Pablos and to begin An Uninvited Guest, we have to travel to Cassardis and visit the inn.

After a short conversation with Pablos, we find out that a thief appeared in Cassardis.


“The fisherfolk of Cassardis have a thief in their midst. Help Pablos catch the scoundrel.”


“Talk to Aestella and Heraldo.”


First we look for Heraldo on the streets of Cassardis, during the day. If we track the quest, the NPC should appear with a red dialogue above his head.

After we find additional information about the thief, we check Aestella’s Shop.

Note: If we can’t find Heraldo, we should look for him in his Grocery Shop located across the street from Aestella’s shop.

After we talk to both characters, we return to Pablos who will tell us his plan.

We make sure we talk to him twice to confirm that we are ready to begin the mission. The pawns will wait outside city during this quest.

As soon as we agree to follow Pablos’ plan, we go outside look for the thief. When we see him, we start sprinting and continue to follow him.

The thief usually runs from Benita’s house to Pablos’s Inn and to the Village Chapel. The best place to corner him is near the Chapel’s entrance. A swift melee attack will put him to the ground.

While he is stunned, we grab him by pressing RT, then we will automatically return to the inn. An Uninvited Guest side-quest ends after we talk to Pablo.

Note: If we fail to catch the thief in time, we can replay the quest by talking to Pablo again.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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