Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Final Farewell Quest Walkthrough

Final Farewell is a notice-board quest featured in Dragon’s Dogma, and it can be activated by visiting the Encampment, after our first visit in Gran Soren.

As most notice board quests available in the game, to complete Final Farewell, we have to kill a fixed number of monsters, in a specific area.

For Final Farewell, we must visit the Ancient Quarry and hunt down 15 undead warriors.


Defeat 15 undead warriors

Region: Ancient Quarry Vicinity


“Rumors abound that men felled in battle have risen as undead not long after. I cannot help but feel pity that these poor souls are robbed even of death… Please, deliver them a peaceful – and final – rest.”


A good idea is to complete Final Farewell after we escort Father Clemente from Cassardis to Bloodwater Beach (Scholarly Pursuit). If we travel north from the beach, we will find a rest camp and from there we continue to move north until we reach the Ancient Quarry South Entrance.

If we enter the Quarry, we will encounter several ogres and bandits. Our goal is to cross the quarry and exit on the other side (Ancient Quarry North Entrance), located just west of Gran Soren.

Combat Tip: When we fight an ogre we make sure that we use several flammable potions to inflict damage over time. In Dragon’s Dogma, ogres are weak against fire-based attacks/spells.

When we exit the Ancient Quarry, we will meet a quest-giver named Alon.

Since we came from the south, and opened the door for him, all we have to do is to talk to him, and complete the quest Of Merchants and Monsters.

Outside, we make sure that we investigate the ruins (including the houses) and kill all undead we encounter.

Note: An undead warrior can be killed faster if we use spells. Any spell will inflict more damage than a normal weapon (sword/bow).  Most undead, spawn during the night.

As soon as we kill 15 undead warriors, the notice board quest called Final Farewell, ends.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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