Max Payne 3 Cheats and Trainers

Max Payne 3 Cheats and Trainers

Developed by Rockstar Studios, and released on May 15, 2012, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360; Max Payne 3 is a third-person shooter video game, which became available for PC on June 1, 2012, in North America.

It is one of the most expected video games of 2012 and in the following guide is revealed a megatrainer that can be used by fans of the game who wish to activate six different Max Payne 3 cheats while playing the PC version of the game.

As most trainers, the trainer for Max Payne 3, which is presented below, may not work on all versions of the game; however, those who wish to try it and use it, will get access to several useful Max Payne 3 cheat codes that will grant infinite ammo, health and painkillers, and will freeze the bullet time featured in the game.

If these cheats are activated during the game, players have more time to focus on finding all Max Payne 3 collectibles without having to worry about their enemies.

After its official release, Max Payne 3 received multiple positive scores from users and critics.

For example, on GameSpot, the video game managed to gather 9 points out of 10, on GamesRadar, 10 out of 10, and on IGN, 9/10.

It is important to know that all Max Payne 3 cheats and trainers should be used only in the single-player mode, not while playing the video game online, against other players.

Additionally, players must know that some antivirus programs may report trainers as infected files. In this case, the antivirus must be disabled and the trainer used at the player’s own risk.

Max Payne 3 Cheats and Trainers

To activate all Max Payne 3 cheat codes listed below, players need one of the trainers that can be found on various websites, including

The mega-trainer gives access to a Max Payne 3 cheat for health, for ammo, for unlimited bullet time, for unlimited painkillers, etc…  To use the trainer on PC, during the game, players must follow these steps:

Get the trainer from

Extract all files included in Max_Payne_3_v1.0.0.22_Plus_6_Trainer.rar

Copy or move the extracted files in the game’s directory

Start the trainer

Run the game

Max Payne 3 Cheats List

When the game starts, if the trainer was installed correctly, and if it’s compatible with the player’s version of the game, pressing the following keys will automatically activate the corresponding Max Payne 3 cheats:

NUMPAD 1 – God Mode (Infinite Health)

NUMPAD 2 – Infinite ammo for all weapons

NUMPAD 3 – No reload time

NUMPAD 4 – Unlimited Bullet Time

NUMPAD 5 – Unlimited Painkillers

NUMPAD 0 – One hit kills

HOME – Disable all active cheats

Max Payne 3 Cheats and Trainers
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