Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Extermination 2 Quest Walkthrough

Another Dragon’s Dogma side-quest called Extermination can be activated after the story-quest named A Rude Awakening, in the Encampment.

Note: In order to avoid any confusion between the Extermination quest from Cassardis and the Extermination quest that can be started in the northern camp, the latter’s name was changed to Extermination 2.

Just like the other quest with a similar name, in Extermination 2, we have to kill a fixed number of wild beasts. This time the beasts are snakes.


Slay 15 snakes

Region: All Gransys


“Every year, more and more animals fall victim to monster assaults. These unfortunate, injured beasts go wild in their pain, attacking indiscriminately. Won’t you do the right thing and put these poor souls out of their misery?”


Snakes can be found everywhere in Gransys; therefore, killing 15 is an easy job, which, if we manage to complete it, it will bring us 50.000 gold.

If we start this quest before the Lost and Found quest, we can complete it while exploring Witchwood, along with other side-quests.

If we don’t want to travel all the way back to Witchwood, we will be able to find snakes in Dripstone Mine. The mine can be accessed through the well in Cassardis.

Note: If we decide to hunt the snakes in Dripstone Mine, all we have to do is to descend the well, kill all snakes we find on the second floor (we don’t jump off the ledge), and exit the well, back to Cassardis. We go back to the inn and rest for 24 hours, and then we return to the well. The snakes will respawn. It is a repetitive strategy that can also be used to hunt bats.

Assuming that we wish to find the snakes while exploring Gransys, we continue to play other quests, and keep an eye on the ground. The brown beasts can be found near trees, bushes, or large stones, during the day.

Note: Since Extermination 2 is in fact a job picked up from the notice board, after we kill 15 snakes, we will automatically receive the correspondent reward. 

We don’t have to focus on this quest and waste the time if we don’t want to, because one way or another we will kill the snakes during our adventures, since we can’t avoid them; however if we need the money faster, the quest must be completed, using one of the strategies above.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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