Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Basic Training Quest Walkthrough

In Dragon’s Dogma, the quest called Basic Training is one of the first quests that become available when we reach the Encampment, coming from Cassardis.

The task, which activates this specific quest can be found on the notice board next to the entrance to the Training Grounds.

After we check the notice board, Basic Training is added to our journal.


Slay 8 spiders

Region: Witchwood


“Go and slay a knot of spiders. If you think this an easy task, I bid you think again. Though, it will serve you well in training patience and vigilance.”


While the quest is activated earlier in the game, it is a good idea to complete it, while playing Lost and Found, because even if the spiders are weak creatures, the road to Witchwood is a long and dangerous one.

Because of this, Basic Training and Lost and Found should be completed simultaneously, during our first visit to Witchwood.

The wild creatures are easy to find, since Witchwood is their home.

Most of them guard the road that takes us to the witch we have to meet along with Quina.

Killing eight of them is not a problem, if we are well prepared and have four pawns in our party.

Combat Tip: As most creatures, spiders are vulnerable to fire attacks.

After we kill eight spiders, Combat Training ends and we can continue to focus on completing Lost and Found.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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