Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide

Dishonored Mission 8 Collectibles Guide

Dishonored Mission 8, called simply The Loyalists, starts when we return to The Hound Pits Pub, after escaping the Flooded District.

When we reach the said area, Dishonored Mission 8 starts and we can notice that many things changed since our departure.

Dishonored Mission 8 is the eighth part in our complete collectibles’ guide we have created for those who desire to find all Runes, Bone Charms, Sokolov Paintings and Outsider Shrines hidden in Dishonored.

The following hidden items’ guide refers strictly to the mission known as The Loyalists, and explains where we should look for these items, and more important, how to get them.

Dishonored Mission 8 Collectibles Guide

“You’ve returned to the Hound Pits Pub to pick up the trail of your old “allies” and find out where they have taken Emily”

The Hound Pits Area

When we enter The Hound Pits Pub we can notice that Havelock sent his troops to this region, which means that at this point,The Hound Pits Pub is a hostile zone.

Nevertheless, while exploring it we can find one Dishonored collectible.


The collectible, is in fact a Dishonored Rune, quite easy to locate.

All we have to do is to check Piero’s workshop, and on his workbench on the second floor, we will see the Rune.

Now, we help Piero and Sokolov to test their latest invention, the Arc Pylon, and then we signal Samuel using the flare in Emily’s tower.

The boatman will arrive soon, and take us to Kingsparrow Island where we must rescue Emily.

Dishonored Mission 8 ends, as we leave for Kingsparrow Island, triggering the next mission in line, called The Light at the End.

Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide
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